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For everyone's safety, we've locked Worffan101 down on Deck Six with over twenty security fields and the Cardassian supporters are all in Holodeck Five running an endless maze with the holo controls locked. So we have about twenty minutes before both of them escape and start tearing apart ESD. about those Talaxians? They'll be a nice addition to the factions, eh? Yeah. Delta Quadrant stuff. Should And interesting. And......stuff.

*perks head up at sounds of fists hitting walls and cries of anger and disgruntlement*

I think I may have miscalculated their time of arrival here. I'm gonna go, uh, "inspect" the escape pods. So we can evacuate important personnel first. Not going to save my own life. I will gladly face the hordes of angry trekkers so Admiral Quinn can survive to do absolutely nothing of use for the Federation.

*edges over to the escape pods*

Yup. Gonna check these pods. In the name of safety. No need to go with me. I can do this alone.

*climbs inside pod*

*launches escape pod*


*drifts away out of radio contact*
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# 2
10-29-2014, 08:11 PM
*The DDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM Horde of Forum RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE and WHIIIIIINE!!!!! arrives, led by worffan101 waving a "Voyager was poorly-written hash!" pennant*

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# 3
Yesterday, 08:17 AM
Wow, it's a good thing we never told them about the option for Kazon BOFFS.

Er, I mean...
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# 4
Yesterday, 08:54 AM
Die, Hedgehog!
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# 5
Yesterday, 09:42 AM
The Talaxians are comeing,'the Talaxians are coming...
Game over, man, Game over...that poor ships redshirts... How is this tolerable... SANCTUARY
Now, not only does the invisible redshirt crew have to suffer casualties in combat. But they have to deal with talaxian cuisine now too... Airlock, everyone make for the airlocks and just bail cuz it's a pick your poison type deal.
Talaxian captains and the horror of those ships...I need my teddy bear...and a dark corner in which to rock back and and forth in while sobbing quietly in the fetal postion, hugging said teddybear.

#PanicOver... If I see a talaxian captain I'll know for sure that that particular player has no soul. To strand ship crews up to 1000 members with nothing but talaxian cooking enforced by the captain's orders because talaxian captain
Left on a ship that could explode anyway...I know it's a game but still...That is a true no-win-scenario...
Those redshirts either die from hull breach, console explosions, boarding parties, enviornmental factors, or talaxian cooking.

Which will get them all eventually anyway... That is pure, condensed, DOOM...and that's all those poor crew members get to look forward to
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# 6
Yesterday, 01:28 PM
Ahw, crap .

I don't want a LTS now .

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Yesterday, 01:30 PM
I feel bad for the guy on any premade teams that gets told he needs to roll a Talaxian...

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Yesterday, 02:18 PM
I bet they have an active trait called "cook" which instantly deals 50,000,000 damage through shields...
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# 9
Yesterday, 02:25 PM
Guys, look at it like this...

Nobody can say there aren't ships with predominantly Bolian crews anymore!
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# 10
Yesterday, 02:39 PM
Starfleet racism and propaganda at its finest.

Next they'll be telling us that the Talaxians are under the control of the Iconians and we need to "liberate" them by partaking in STFs and mowing down Talaxians in the hundreds.
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