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Ok so I have a few questions on vulcans. I want to do some slight RPn so I made a vulcan. I didnt get the trait neck pinch or mind meld cause they really arent that good....I know rp fail. I want to get some things "right"

I just found out about the USS Intrepid, and it had a all vulcan crew...but then I saw somewhere it said an almost all vulcan I looked into it...spock said 400 vulcans died, the crew compliment is 430, now that could mean 30 were not vulcans...or they did not have a full crew compliment...for the sake of argument I will say the ship was not all at the time if a crew was 93% vulcan, what other races would be on the ship? Humans smell so I dont think they would be on the ship, the tensions with andorians would have been high, bolians blood apparently would kill a vulcan if it was transfused and prolly so with most other species so what other races would have been on a ship like this...

Now I was thinking of doing a ship called the coward or meek or some such and have everyone in mirror universe outfits, no humans allowed.

and later I want to switch to the vulcan ship, and I would think the same type of crew would work...its really too bad that the effecient borg bo cant get vulcan ears....Gah!
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03-28-2011, 03:26 PM
I think it was Vulcan only. It might not have been at full capacity due to Vulcans being more efficient, or having their own redshirts killed on away missions. Or the Enterprise were generalising the number.

What I'm curious about is, what were all those Vulcans doing on what was basically an Earth ship? Were there really 400 Vulcans in Starfleet who were given their own ship or was it Starfleet making efforts to promote their ships and encouraging the other Federation member worlds to commit to Starfleet rather than their own militias?
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"crewed almost entirely by Vulcans"
"En route, Commander Spock telepathically sensed the crew of 400 Vulcans die. "
"Crew complement: 430 "

So the question is, what kind of other species crew would on a 400 of 430 (of vulcans) constitution class ship.

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