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Hi! I have not played my KDF chars for quite a while and last night i decided to give it one more try but again i was quickly annoyed by how the KDF has it bad for many reasons that goes far beyond having less content to play.

In no particular order here are the reasons why i feel my KDF charaters are receiving an unfair treatment compared to my Fed characters:

- The Red Interface : I simply do not like it. At times it is hard to read orange writing over red borders. I wish we could play KDF while keeping the blue Fed interface and lettering. Anyone knows of a mod for that?

- Explore Missions take longer to do than Fed ones : Secure Area missions are often asking to fight with 8 groups of enemies instead of the standard Fed 5 or 6 spawns. So completing Explore missions takes longer.

- Date scans seem to be broken : while i often gather 4-5 units when scanning anomalies on the Fed side, in the KDF the norm seem to be only 1 unit gathered by scan when inside a mission.

- Ground Combat is harder than on the Fed side : Fighting Federation enemies is considerably more annoying than for Feds to fight Klingons. It is not unusual ( even at Lieutnant Commander level ) to face enemy groups containing 2 healers, 2 enginners and even 2 commanders of any kind. Without a cookie-cutter away team, you are in for a VERY LONG battle with health and shields replenishing forever...

- KDF is missing a few good tools the Feds can get, Harg Peng Torpedo comes to mind first.

- Alot of missions involve PvP objectives which can be hard to achieve when the queues are empty all day long. The XP rewards are pretty low also by the way which is sad.

- More to come....
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07-04-2011, 08:28 PM
More Reasons Why Playing On The KDF Is An Exercise In Frustration:
  • The Bank - On Qo'noS the symbol on the bank selection screen (personal or fleet) is the UFP symbol, not the KDF symbol (seen here in this tricorder scan). Aren't we at war with the Federation? Why are they handling our banking needs? I think I may know why the Empire isn't doing better against Starfleet...
  • The Food - No tacos (or burritos, pizza, salads, sandwiches, et. al.). Those are all weak Federation foods and real warriors don't eat those. Whatever. Keep your squealing Targ and your squirming Gagh. I'll have a Vulcan potato with Saurian chili, thank you.
  • Administrator Ferdig - Ah yes. The Deferi. The sweet, balanced, weak Deferi. Why Chancellor J'mpok wants them as allies is beyond me, but I will obey his commands to help them. It was only my sense of duty to the Chancellor that saved Administrator Ferdig's worthless life when he praised Starfleet (Starfleet!!!) after me and my crew saved his outpost from the Breen. Here is an image from my sensor logs of this incident.
  • Not Enough Bathrooms - Seriously. WTF were the ship designers thinking?! I'm an Orion captaining a battlecruiser filled with swarthy Klingons, clammy Gorn and uber-macho Nausicaans, all of whom eat lots of red meat and very few vegetables. Lemme tell you, the Gorn's digestion is as unevolved as their appearance. I've already lost three crewmen when they were assigned to waste reclamation maintenance (two were accidents, one challenged his superior when given the assignment and was killed).
  • Lieutenant Commander Kultan and his blasted Arenas - Were it within my power to kill this petaQ in a slow, painful manner I would do so without hesitation. His incessant gibbering about Arenas whenever I return to the Great Hall on Qo'noS is enough to make a Dahar Master weep. I believe his mother was a Ferengi.
  • The Smell - See forth point, above. Two words: meat sweats. Bathing isn't high on the KDF training priorities and apparently the best warriors are supposed to have body odor as lethal as their bat'leth skills. Set disruptors to deodorize.
  • Device-loving Bridge Crew - My senior officers seem to find devices of any kind so fascinating that, when I order them to destroy it, they rush forward and try to shield it with their bodies. None of my cajoling or threatening dissuades this behavior. So I just fire through them. Here is a tricorder scan of this disturbing behavior.

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07-04-2011, 09:34 PM
the looking for group, open up the tab and its full of fed players.

the chat not showing who is kdf and who is fed via colour, the fact that enemys to us are orange, an guess what us to us are orange too. the feds get blue when your on fed, other feds are blue but guess what on kdf feds are orange too.

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