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# 1 Torpedoes: Speed and Balance.
04-02-2011, 02:02 PM
Two things:

1) Torpedoes move too slowly for many situations in combat. I'm not talking quite cannon speed, but somewhere close to it... or at LEAST 10-20% faster than their current rate (see battle with scimitar in Nemesis, link here: Time indexes 1:00, 3:35, 7:25.

2) Torpedo Balance is silly at the moment. Please just make all torpedoes, except Photons, on the 8 second refire rate. 10 and 12 seconds puts Transphasic and Chronitons in a horribly underpowered state, damage wise. Their procs do not make up for the lack of damage.

I'm not asking for sweeping, game changing adjustments here. Removing 2 seconds off transphasics increases their DPS by 20%. Chronitons, even more, which is probably okay since they are lower damage than quantums and photons, and they are the highest tier of torpedo.

As for the fire speed, the reasoning is basically this: We already rely on luck for procs on torpedoes and weapons themselves... relying on the luck that a shield facing will be down by the time we release a volley of HYT from 4-6km is asking too much. Even trying to release the torpedo first and breaking shields right before they hit is a gamble and fairly unrealistic. The amount of skill required to fit them in windows of opportunity is nullified at their present sluggish rate -- something will change before they arrive.

All it does is promote me sitting on someone's arse at 0.1km and mashing my key when their shields break. Not fun, not skillful, yadda yadda.

Currently, the solution is just to spam/focus fire a target and hope someone's torpedoes get through. It's just not skillful or interesting -- and honestly that slow, snail like torpedo is more for theatrics than combat effectiveness. I know a monkey with a joystick could shoot those out of space, which should not really be possible. Please see the Nemesis battle with the Enterprise for how torpedoes should move through space.

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