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This is not to interfere with UGCWiki. This is in addition to that resource. UGC Wiki will be more in-depth than this thread. This thread is purely to advertise your missions. All of them. Use one post per person and just edit it to add new content. As an example, my missions have been included in this post. I will add to it whenever I add new missions. If it goes more than two days without a post, I'll bump it to keep it active.

This should prevent a lot of one-post threads trying to advertise missions from clogging up this forum. Darren had one for Tribble, this one is purly for Holodeck. This list will be easier to browse than the dialog box in-game.

These are for story-based Foundry missions only! Farming missions should use another thread.

Just put the mission name (and code if desired) with what level is needed to play it and what faction. Add a synopsis and, if you want, a couple screenshots.
If you have a link to its page on UGC Wiki, feel free to add that as well. This meant to be a brief overview of your missions. This is not meant to be a spoiler.

Trembler (ST-HKXTON7BF) Level 31+ required. Starfleet.

Summary: You are sent to the Kinjun System to investigate some unusual True Way activity. Once you are there you find that the True Way has made a secret alliance with an organization you thought was extinct. Their plan is dubious at best, but you discover your involvement is not purely coincidence.

Trembler 2 (ST-HAG6KILEV) Level 31+ required. Starfleet.

You are sent to a True Way compound in the Elwing System. What you find is an Undine prison. Find out what is going on and free the captives.

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