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Just wanted to say thank you to those who have played and reviewed the mission. I plan on doing a full story arc on this if well received. I thank you in advance and if you find any typo's or bugs please send me mail in game.

NOTE: This Story line ALSO has a KDF version... "Prison Break"...which tells the other side of the story from a Klingon perspective.

Mission #1
Alert - Locate the U.S.S. Indigo

Mission #2
Prison Break

Mission #3
Call to Glory

Mission #3 (in development.)
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04-01-2011, 08:16 AM
V2 Prison Break (update)

* I am experimenting more with "Wander" so the beam in's move more and not become static after a fight.
* tried to fix the foundry bug of shooting through walls.
* cleaned up text and spelling problems. If you notice some let me know.

* Cleaned up some issues with mobs
* Added fire, and some shaking
* put plasma fire in with console
* HUGE Dialog with Captain Miles based on Feedback, the science officer calls him out on the lies. *Warning* You can fail this mission if you act like a coward and let him go.

* Raised the Y of the Jails and moved them slightly out of the asteroids to have a cleaner battle, you can still use the asteroids for LOS.
* Fixed some of the buggy triggers, and re-located some NPC to prevent the shoot through walls.
* Added some extra BO Dialog to keep the story going.

v5 *Fixed more typo's

* Added a new background to the space.
* Finally added the Bridge for combat w/ triggers and more dialogue

Known Bugs I have no control over
* Klingon's are not beaming in on the trigger points.
* Captain Miles is not spawning on map creation.
* Ships get stuck on asteroids due to path problems.
* Shooting through walls persist
* You are able to shoot through force fields.


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