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# 1 Reach Marker
04-01-2011, 04:49 AM
Using a reach marker for map transition seems to instantly fire off regardless of where my character is or even what order the reach marker is in. I've got a mission where your first objective is to talk to an NPC and then run to the turbolift where a reach marker will fire off and give you a prompt to go to the next deck.

Well, what ends up happening is that as soon as you load into the map, the reach marker fires off instantly! You don't even have to be in its range!

So yeah, as soon as the map loads you're prompted to go to the next level! >_<

Nothing short of deleting every reach marker will solve the issue!

:: EDIT ::

Nope, it's not the reach marker! Even when I set the turbolift as an interact object, the same problem occurs! What really seems to be happening is that the maps are looping. Every time I load into a map, it prompts me to zone to the next map regardless of the story order. I keep getting prompts to go to the next map whenever anything links two maps together!

I can't do anything at this point, the system is 'that' busted for me.


Okay, I made another entirely different mission and did basically the same transitions and everything worked. I went back to my first mission and looked over everything again, but it's still broken! lol, I think I found some weird glitch!

I hope someone from Cryptic finds this and looks into it. I'm leaving the mission as is so that maybe a dev can jump into it and check it out. Again, I made another totally different mission and did the same zone transfer techniques and that mission works fine. This mission is just experiencing some kind of weird glitch.

Mission ID: ST-HKC16Q7NY
Lt. Commander
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# 2
04-01-2011, 01:24 PM
Are you using the same map more than once or triggers on a Story Objective?

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