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# 1 New PvP maps?
04-01-2011, 08:49 AM
I think I missed it first time around but I've just been looking through the news stories highlighted on the STO front page and came across this one which among other things, contains a video of a certain Mr Stahl.

If you watch that video, at 47 seconds into it, Mr Stahl mentions that with season one, they added (among other things) new PvP maps - note the "s" - maps plural.

Now I openly admit that I wasn't playing PvP prior to season one, so do not know for sure but as I understand it, the only pvp map (singular) they have added since launch is "Shanty Town - ground PvP". I believe they also took one away.

So which is it? Did Mr Stahl make a mistake? Was he mislead by his team (perhaps a map was built but never implemented? Or have they actually released new PvP maps (plural) since launch?

If the latter, could someone please tell me what they are, so that I may go and try them out as I would not want to miss out on any new PvP content that may have arrived, since there isn't that much to begin with.


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