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# 11 Interesting Thought.
04-09-2011, 01:09 PM
With two days to go before the PREMIER 1 Spaceship Tournament begins on Monday, I find myself in disbelief that so few people have join.

Let me explain. For the last 5 month I have heard people, in one way or another, complain about the C-store and how we should be able to earn our C-store items in game.

Then dstahl in his wisdom and love for us let the C-store Ships be earnable in game for Emblems at a rate that has being previously establish with the Vice Admiral Ships (like the Tactical Escort Retrofit: 1,200 AT or 500 Emblems).

But then people complain that 500 Emblems would take forever to earn (Doing Every Mission that Earns Emblems Every Day it is estimated it would take you a Month to get 500.)

Then thanks to Atari we now have Virtual Atari Token Cards. These enable players to earn Atari Tokens IN GAME for doing things like… racing your ship. :p

3,000 Atari Tokens are up for Grabs. That is like 1,250 Emblems worth (or like 3 month of daily grinding) for just a 10 min. race… (10 min. for a chance to save a month worth of grinding, I truly believe that is more than worth the effort!) BUT so far only 4 people want them

I believe is lack of advertisement and mistrust. When I try to recruit racers, they believe it is too good to be true, that no one gives away free stuff and that it must be a scam to get your account password. So most ignore my Zone Msg or Forum Posts. I guess all will know Monday if it was true or not, sad that the chance will be gone until next season.

The Race starts at 20:00 CDT Monday.
No one will be allowed to enter the race at the last min.
The Opening ceremony will be in the Stateroom in ESD (I am hoping to use instance #1, if there is enough room available for players).
Hope to see you there
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# 12
04-10-2011, 01:43 AM
Saw the zone message and asked for info. Virtual Atari Token Cards are definitely not a scam, and a nice prize to give in good spirit.

My fleet and I are interested but would like to wait until we have slightly better engines better suited for racing, and maybe an Escort or Delta Shuttle. Will you be doing this multiple times or just a couple of times and that's it? Any chance you could have people meet in DS9? If I were to join I kinda lag getting into docking position and it takes like 40 minutes. Don't ask, just believe me when I say I try to avoid ESD unless I have to.

Also what time is that in Eastern?
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# 13
04-10-2011, 06:23 AM
Well with luck, your interview on our Podcast tonight at 6pm est live on and on will generate some more advertisement for you and the League and more players will sign up.
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04-10-2011, 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by Bron
My fleet and I are interested but would like to wait until we have slightly better engines ...

Also what time is that in Eastern?
You have nothing to lose and better engines will NOT warranty you the race.
There are many obstacles to slow you down and if you fly around them you will lose time.

Eastern time is the same as New York = Easter Time (is in the original post).

Originally Posted by Bankruptstudios View Post
Well with luck, your interview on our Podcast tonight at 6pm est live on and on will generate some more advertisement for you and the League and more players will sign up.
You bet I will be there

AND I have another surprise I will announce only on your show.
If Races want to know about it ahead of the race, they must listen to the show.
AND Yes is a good surprise
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# 15
04-10-2011, 10:54 AM
I'm sorry but I didn't see a conversion from CDT to EDT in the original post, which is why I'm asking. I think it ends up being 9pm for New York?

I don't have a ship with good turn yet. Hmm I guess I could use my Captain's Yacht, but I'd really wanted to use a Delta but I'm still short by a coule of days. Hmm Type 8 has better turn than Delta and we likely wouldn't need to fight anything. Dang, now I can't choose.

Question: You allow using Emergency Power to Engines or Full Impulse right? Technicaly they don't stack since Full Impulse is already faster than just boosting the Engine power, but I'll bet some nut would wanna use both anyway. Speed boosting abilities in general are allowed?

I'll see if they're free tomorrow (We're currently a small fleet of 3 actives) at 9pm, but wouldn't you still be missing 2 people even if we do show up? My character is RAU 1 and the other two are VAs. If they can make it we will contact you tonight probably by mail as stated.
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=/\= PREMIER 1 :: Championship - Season 1 =/\=

(For whoever doubted the League was not real or was a scam)

...Reprint here for convenience and to encourage players to sign up, you CAN make Atari Tokens in game...

We are proud to present Season 1 Gold Division Championship:

-/\- From the Disposable Heroes: The Female Human, Sif, a Tactical Officer flying the Fleet Escort, U.S.S. Aluminum Falcon.

-/\- From the Starfleet Strategic Command: The Male Andorian, Thon, a Tactical Officer flying the Fleet Escort, U.S.S. Futility.

-/\- From the Athena Command: The Male Alien from a galaxy far far away, Kuber, An Engineer Officer flying the Multi-Vector Advance Escort U.S.S. Paris

THE RACE: "Rip RPG PREMIER 1 Course - B2"

Time (Seconds) :: Action

0 :: The race start on the word GO!

2 :: Kuber jump off the start and takes an early lead.

7 :: Thon himself pushes the pedal to the metal and catches up to Kuber.

57 :: Kuber and Thon are neck & neck with Sif not far behind them.

67 :: Kuber decides to go straight for the first (out of 4) rally Stations dodging asteroids left and right and showing some excellent piloting skills. Thon takes the safer outer rim losing some ground to Kuber but keeping his ship in one piece. Sif find herself slightly lost in the Asteroid belt and falls to 3rd place

79 :: Kuber continues to build his lead over Thon and Sif.

89 :: Enemies by the station attack Kuber who loses speed, allowing for Thon and Sif to gain some ground.

97 :: Thon finds the Turbo button of his ship and leaves Kuber and Sif close behind him.

102 :: Thon slows down to take the turn around the 1st station on his way to the 2nd station rally point.

104 :: Kuber takes a sharper turn around the Station and passes Thon in the inside.

106 :: Kuber inexplicably slows down allowing for Thon to pass him.

112 :: Sif catches up to Kuber.

159 :: Kuber jettison all cargo from his cargo area (everything goes but the cannons), The Paris losses half its weight and double it's speed once again. Thon find himself under fire and losses some ground allowing Kuber sudden burst of speed to catch up to him. Sif remain close behind them.

161 :: The race heats up as Kuber and Thon find themselves neck and neck racing towards the second station.

168 :: Unbelievably as they race pass the 2nd rally point, Thon and Kuber are still neck and neck.

174 :: Experiencing some 'technical' difficulties beyond her control, Sif starts to fall a little farther behind.

176 :: Kuber takes the lead in spectacular fashion as he wave to the people watching from the windows of the space station.

196 :: When Kuber leaves the 2nd station, he leaves Thon and Sif behind. Some adoring fans bypass communication safeties and get a direct line to their hero Captain Kuber. They cheer him on but inadvertently distract him causing Kuber to lose some ground to Thon and Sif.

209 :: Thon continues to catch up to Kuber but Sif starts to fall farther behind.

257 :: On their way to the 3rd station rally point behind the Planet the racers encounter an asteroid belt. Both Kuber and Thon feeling something fishy about it try to fly around it.

269 :: Suddenly Thon orders his crew to drop out of full impulse and bring online the 'faster than full impulse' engines in a gamble to take the lead away from Kuber. But something goes wrong and Thon ship engines stall rendering him dead on the water.

263 :: Kuber wanting to increase his lead, hits the Planet's atmosphere hard trying to plot the most direct course to the 3rd rally station.

276 :: Kuber bounces of the Planet Atmosphere like a rejected meteorite engulf in flames but with a very strong lead. Unable to see though Kuber almost gets himself disqualify as he almost misses the 3rd rally point.

281 :: Kuber has to turn his ship extremely hard in order not to miss the 3rd rally station. His ship's hall screech in pain and he receives report that there are hall britches in 4 levels. Kuber sharp turn left also causes him to over shoot the right turn around the station and looses momentum. Thon takes advantage of this and reinitialize his engines and manage to cut Kuber's lead in half. Sif ship is attack by cloaked birds of prey from the asteroid belt that both Kuber and Thon avoided early on. And her ship is severely damage, although not destroyed she is out of the race as her crew start repairs.

375 :: Racing towards the 4th rally station Kuber, with a strong lead, and Thon, behind him, they both approach another asteroid cluster, a remnant from a small gaseous nebula nearby. Trusting in their piloting abilities, they fly through it at full speed.

376 :: Kuber hits the nebula like a ton of bricks and slows down to impulse. Explosions can be seen from work stations all around the cockpit. Kuber loses sensors and navigations. He, though boldly, takes manual control and physically aims the ship toward the 4th rally station on the distance. Thon hits the same nebula and encounters similar problems.

383 :: And out of the pot and into the fire, as soon as Kuber comes out of the Nebula he comes under fire from some Gorn ships looking to grab some state of the art spare part from the wreckage. Thon manage to catch up in spectacular way but he himself comes under attack giving Kuber a break from the opportunistic Gorn and allowing him to remain in the lead.

404 :: Kuber finally breaks from the Gorn and hit full impulse leaving Thon behind to deal with the Gorn.

407 :: Kuber makes the turn around the final station and blast towards the finish line at ridiculous speeds.

412 :: Thon makes the turn around the final station and find himself 5 seconds behind Kuber in the last stretch of the race.

465 :: Kuber takes the direct route, the similar route that gave him the lead at the start of the race. Thon takes the route around the asteroids, a safer route but one that left him behind Kuber most of the race.

485 :: Kuber comes out of the asteroids with a dominating lead.

492 :: Thon comes around the Asteroids 7 seconds behind Kuber who is on the final stretch home and who can just taste the sweet taste of victory just up ahead.

503 :: Just a few hundred kilometers from the finish line Klingon’s Negh'Var de-cloaked and open fire on Kuber.

505 :: Kuber finds himself dead on the water just 100 Km from the finish line, scrambling to defend his ship and make repairs. But with the usual miracle of star fleet engineers who rebuild Kuber's entire engine in under 5 seconds with nothing more than a paper clip, Kuber finds himself back in the race.

507 :: Kuber is trying to get his turbo power back online and more so now that Thon is seen in his rear view mirror.

514 :: With just 50 Km to go, Kuber and Thon are neck and neck, this may be a photo finish.

515 :: Thon's greater momentum helps propel him pass Kuber.

561 :: Kuber finally gets his super fast engines back online and blast toward Thon.

569 :: Thon is in the Lead and Kuber is fast approaching. It may be a photo finish after all.
But nope, Kuber is denied the sweet taste of victory when, at the last second, Thon hits his 'faster than full impulse engines' (which actually work this time) and blasts through the finish line in a spectacular show of speed.

571 :: THON, from the Starfleet Strategic Command, is the WINNER and set a course record of 9 minutes and 51.66 seconds.
Kuber finish second place with a course time of 9 min. and 53 sec.

1st Place WINNER of 1000 Atari Tokens :: THON!!!

2nd Place WINNER of 400 Atari Tokens :: KUBER!!!

Base on a true story, all the times are accurate, the details though may change depending on who tells the story

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04-19-2011, 02:52 PM
Aww I missed the second race too? Dang I was hoping there would be more time between seasons. I'll try to check.more often.

Also thanks for clarifying the times in the first post.
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04-20-2011, 02:12 AM
Update of April 18 Races.

Race one saw our Returning Champion coming to collect more Atari Tokens... THON!!!

He face Newcomers Liwuan Saul Flying the U.S.S. Venus E and Angelus Flying the U.S.S. Valkyrie.

Race one was strongly dominated by Thon flying the U.S.S. Tiger Blood.

Thon Won with a dominating lead and earn himself a spot on the T5 Finals May 02 / 2011.

The Second race saw two newcomers face each other.

D'Vorak of Borg Flying the U.S.S. Loki face off against Nemo Flying the U.S.S. Nautilus.

This race seem very even at the start but soon D'Vorak got the lead and cause Nemo to Drop from the race.

D'Vorak Won in this solo race and earn himself a spot on the Finals.

We will select our Third and maybe our Forth Contestants next Monday.

If interested meet at ESD Stateroom @ 20:00 CDT
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# 19
04-23-2011, 10:01 PM
Sadly I still think it's a Scam, and I would prefer to get my stuff the old fashion way.
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# 20
04-24-2011, 03:24 AM
Dayumn, cant believe i missed this !

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