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I welcomed the last update on the space HUD, it made the space look a bit more like "free space", like flying a spaceship between stars. And if you choose the see more stats, you activate the astrometrics.
But what still bothers me are the names and reticles of the other players, NPCs etc. Especially around crowded places like ESD, the screen can be full of reticles and names. So I tried deactivating these options in the HUD menu. I changed for example "showing other players names and reticles via mouse over". And I really liked it, the space looked less crowded and it fits right in my imagination of a free space look. But this system is limited, so I had the following idea:
To enhance the space visuals, why not give the HUD menu three options: "free space", "space astrometrics" and "ground"?

So everybody could decide how "free" your free space is or how many informations of other ships you can see if you activate space astrometrics. For example deactivate all names and reticles in the "free space" view, except the enemy's reticles. And activate all available informations in the "space astrometrics" setting.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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04-02-2011, 06:25 AM
You can turn off the reticle and names in the options. The only tricky thing is that off-screen players, npcs and enemies still show an indicator at the edge of your screen. I'm not sure how to turn those off, but turning off the other stuff really helps clean things up.

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