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Hi Guys,

Made a new misison - nine of Space Deep. I personally think this is a better mission that 'Worst of all Worlds' and 'Crouching Ty'gokor', but its so hard to tell as an author what's good and what's not. As always im looking for feedback.

Its got some interesting game mechanics that give players some choices and maybe even require a little bit of minor exploration/thought in some places.

Do people think its too easy or too long. What bits do you like or don't like. How does the storyline hold up?
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04-02-2011, 02:45 PM
Hey, I just checked it out and enjoyed it a lot. I'll post some feedback here, but i'll spoiler-hide it because the way the situation developed was a great part of the mission. Everyone should check this out, especially DS9 fans.

Mouse over to view:
Really liked how it started in a social zone, and you just started investigating in your free time. Really had the level of RP immersion I enjoy. You did a great job of setting up the MU threat and making the whole operation believable. I thought this mission did it a lot better than the existing rescue DS9 missions, which were really straining Kurland's credibility as a station commander. This had a believable reason for the surprise takeover, and didn't make me think of that line from the Hunt for Red October ("You mean to tell me you lost another sub?") The 'experience' was communicated very well, loved the BOff use in that scene. You really set up the villain well, and it added a tension to the rescue mission that just wasn't in the other shoot-through-the-corridors DS9 liberations. The side elements were a good touch, too, and they supported the story well. The combat-related one was an especially impressive example of foundry mission building. The debrief was also a great example of a dialogue tree that didn't pidgeonhole the captain into a role. I thought the length was fine myself.

Just to help you out, two typos I found - someone said 'now' instead of no, and a bajoran civilian couldn't 'fine' her son. But that may just be a flaw of the Bajoran legal system

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