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# 1 Obtaining More Foundry Slots
04-04-2011, 04:49 AM

I know there is talk about obtaining more slots somehow to make more missions but can we get an idea on how and when this might happen? Some of us have big story arcs or multiple mission ideas in our heads and its all very dependent right now on the ability to obtain more slots, either in game, by reward or by c-store.

Can we get an answer on this please as I don't want to get carried away making missions only for you to come back and say that there will not be able to get more slots past the 8 we have, or that it wont be implemented for some time. I'm not saying we need the slots now, just the knowledge that it is something that will happen and how.

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# 2
04-04-2011, 05:34 AM
Before, I would have said a flat out NO to buying more slots in the c-store. However, I am wondering how to prevent people from flooding the foundry the “Grind” Missions that just have 1000 enemy mobs on them. I am not in favor for added any c-store cost to the foundry. I would rather see a way to reward author’s who put time and effort into their missions.
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# 3
04-04-2011, 06:20 AM
Originally Posted by Altexist View Post
I would rather see a way to reward author’s who put time and effort into their missions.
that would be cool, but i like the idea of having both options so you can either work for a slot of buy a slot, just depending on the situation.

the only problem with working for one is that what ever that criteria is, might take some time to complete. im quite happy to throw some money at them to buy slots as long a you get both options then ill be happy.

there is of course the problem of space on the servers. they cant indefinitely reward people new slots even if they do create awesome missions, at some point if we want to make 50 missions or 100 missions then at some point we would have to pay for it.

i think a 'buy only' option would be a bad idea though. there has to be a mix of ways to get them. veteran rewards is also another good way as it rewards long time players.
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# 4
04-04-2011, 07:50 AM
Maybe we could earn additional slots with higher ratings/players on our missions.

8 missions max, if none of your missions ever get played.. but let's say all 8 of your missions not only get published, but all make it past the vetting process. you earn another slot. get that one published and vetted, you get another... etc.

Or perhaps they could do something using reviews, so that you can get an additional slot if all your missions are published, AND they all maintain a rating of 3 stars or higher. That way, as missions fall out of favour, they encourage you to recycle a mission, rather than just keep piling on more.

Or maybe they could somehow tie this in with another process that could automatically de-publish a mission if it's not played for 3 months straight. I mean I know we're all going to work our hardest on our missions, but some kind of automated system to remove the unplayable flotsam that inevitably will enter the lists.. and missions that on one's interested in.. seems like it would be good.

I'm not sure how that would work with the "extra slot" mechanic I suggested.. but perhaps there's some nuggets of good ideas here.

I just like the idea of limiting you to X unpublished/unreviewed missions, and then somehow retiring missions that no one is playing. But if you can consistently keep your mission ratings up in quality, and people are playing the missions and enjoying them, there's no reason I could see why Cryptic would want to keep THOSE people from making more missions.
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# 5
04-04-2011, 08:40 AM
I wasn't even aware the was a max limit. I've only got 2 published at the moment and working on a 3rd. Just the amount of work i'm putting into the already published missions would make me think that trying to maintain say 10 of them would be just a disaster and all time consuming.

Of course that could be me just because i'm always going back in and tweaking my missions once I get some decent feedback on them.

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