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Originally Posted by XR-377 View Post
I made my mission after a 5 month break from the game and when I formatted the text, looking back, I did it a bit different then the standard STO missions. Mainly I used mission text for a lot of highlighting of key words and objectives and used OOC for the normal after dialog "Hey, do this" cliff-notes. In the experience of you folks with more time in the foundry, do you find that kind of format distracting and think things should be as much like the Cryptic missions as possible? Or is the highlighting of key words a welcome tool for reading the text?
Personally, I think it's better to stick to the Cryptic way of doing it. Everyone is pretty well mentally-programmed by the existing content to see the "do this" part in bright green. If you're going to do highlighting, I'd prefer it to be done with the OOC tags to make those yellow, so that the green is just on the actual mission highlight.

That is, unless the highlight within the dialog is there in place of the after-dialog "do this" text. We've seen Cryptic do this before, with providing an answer that you might have to select in another dialog, for instance.

But really, it's not a big deal. I'd agree with Gryphoner that as long as it's internally consistent, it's probably fine.

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