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# 1 New Episode Coming Soon
04-06-2011, 01:29 PM
The Trimble Conspiracy - Already Published - You are given orders by VA Landry to secure the space around a top secret science facility which is headed by the famous Dr. Yun who discovered the miniverse. When you arrive you realize the defense grid had been tampered with. This leadds to a confrontation with a maniacal Klingon called General Natak. Natak kidnaps Dr. Yun. This sets into motion a confrontation that will be talked about for centuries.

The Tribunal Effect - You return to DS9 after the incident in Trimble space and much to your surprise you have to answer for your actions in a tribunal proceeding headed by Vice Admiral Caster Landry. During the trial you will have to defend yourself, put forth evidence, and endure flashbacks of the destruction of the science facility from two points of view, yours and the prosecution. In the end you will be stripped of your rank and ejected from Starfleet. But something turns in your favor at the last moment that gives you the chance to clear your name and restore your legacy as a great Starfleet Officer. But for that to happen you must escape Deep Space 9. Will you be able to fire upon your people?

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