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# 101 Load of Crap
04-20-2011, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post

Its a cruiser.. It have a ton of engineering slots..

That means a Engineering captain only moderately improves it (its quite able to spam heals without Eng Captain abilities)

On the other hand, a Tactical Captain gives it what it lacks the most, a ton of damage boost skills.

Sci captains are not nessecarily best in SVs. Tacs not nessecarily best in escorts and engineers not nessecarily best in cruisers

And again, even halfway matching the AGT performance of the lance is a bad bad idea.. As it stands, you get a free 5th frontal weapon.. A BOL4 so to speak, look to my sig for what is possible with a BOL3 (and that isnt even my best score)
That is a load of crap! the Lance at its current rating is not a good "5th" frontal weapon because its wasteful. It uses a lot of power with little punch. Do you get what I'm saying.? So what, the ship is a cruiser. That should not marginalize its weapon's power. I am a Tac Officer, and have my Dreadnaught to top specs as I can get it. I use the Lance as a first strike weapon but after firing it, I'm drained down to 50% or less power to weapons, and I don't have anything left to do damage to target's, exposed hull or weakened shields. It is a shame that my heavy cannons do more damage to shields and hull, with less power, then my Lance does with full boosted power. Fix it! Don't bring a teaser weapon in if you don't make it work like you advertised. Right now, its just a power wasting flash of light.
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# 102 I'm here
04-20-2011, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
Better idea: Cryptic could integrate voice chat into their game. Oh wait! They're doing that already. Tada! I just fixed that problem.

The real problem with PvP is the fact that PvP players are leaving, and the only changes to PvP are going to come in the very long term - at which point there may be no one left to appreciate them.
Look, man I'm here for the long haul. People are leaving PVP because my complaint is valid. People are tired of getting slaughtered like cattle just because they can't communicate due to the lack of free vioce chat. If you are fixing that that great, so when do i try out the voice thing? How does it work? Do i just put on a headset and start talking to teammates? Another reason people are ticked off about PVP is that we are tired of the same old arena style battles. We are tired of having those warp gates behind us telling the opposing team where we spawn in at. We want PVP to be more flexible like Star Wars Galaxy and easy to challange Klingons, like on WOW, minus losing your gear.
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04-20-2011, 02:19 PM
Per the latest Engineering Report ( the voice chat will be Vivox. Here is their website:

I agree that there needs to be more styles and maps for PvP. That's a universal issue. The slaughtering issue is also a problem, I experience it on the ground quite a bit. My opinion is that getting slaughtered is better than waiting in a queue with 2 other people, but it does get old. There are 2 options: Cryptic can create a teams-only PvP queue system to add (given their lack of PvP development, unlikely) or those that get slaughtered by premades can team up. That's why fleets and channels like OrganizedPvP exist.
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# 104
04-20-2011, 02:36 PM
- Are you have plans to implant 'funny' non-combat craftble items? (like the party popper)

- The Delta Flyer was a good step in the right direction for more complex crafting, any plans for more / harder and complexer craftble items? (ARGO buggy , ships and so on) (and make use of the commodities for crafting)

- Any plans for low lvl raids? (im not counting the FA's as a STF)

- If all the sector blocks opend for the KDF will we have missions on those locations? or is it empty space with some planets?

- Any plans for a account wide bank tab?

- When will you fix the ingame fleet calender?

- When can the KDF get some accolades what the FED's can obtain (kill Nausicans / Orions.., mostly for the Mercenary titel)

Keep up the great job!
and pls. more love for the KDF and Fleets they cant get enough

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# 105
04-20-2011, 04:14 PM
Any plans on fixing the problem of the PvP community disappearing?
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# 106 different races
04-25-2011, 01:28 PM
need new playable races added other the defaults. this would be really awesome but if not still love playing the game anyways
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# 107
04-28-2011, 09:42 PM
In the future, is there a possibility of seeing more customization options for sets for like the Borg set?
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04-29-2011, 11:46 AM
Just my two cents:

  • Do you consider adding more ship parts in general especially for T5 Ships (fed AND kdf)?
    (T5 Excelsior and Galaxy -X could really use some more alternative good looking ship parts.)

  • What do you think about the idea of giving the T5 Excelsior the option of using T3 Heavy Cruiser appearances?
    (There are some players who don't like the looks of the Excelsior but love the Bo/Console slots and it's maneuverability.)

  • Co you consider implementing swappable Bridge modules, so one could put a assault cruiser BO layout/consoles on a star cruiser?
    If this would be possible, the tier problem would be solved. One could use the bridge Officer/console slots that fits best to his/her playstyle and put it on his/her favourite ship and still, a miranda Class would be much inferior to a sovereign, because hull/shield Strenghts and Weapon slots would be the same as before.
    (In general the same what is being discussed here.)

  • Do you consider giving us more options at the ship tailor?
    Like sliders to strech/shrink ship parts about 10-15% and something to set the angle of the ships pylons a bit, because sometimes there are just small changes needed to make a ship look good.
    (I know some designers at cryptic probably may not understand that...)

  • Do you plan adding more uniform options like placeable combadges, rank insignia or letting us combine uniforms with off duty clothes (for our characters AND bridge officers)?

  • What about Crew uniforms?

Live long and prosper.

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