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As a new holodeck UGC author (though I have been using it awhile on tribble), I find the hardest part is to have/get people to review your mission(s). I think what the people here (filbones, CardassianNinja, Perigrine_Falcon, Boglejam, etc) are doing is an excellent way of helping the community and takes considerable time and dedication.

Since duplication of effort is the best form of flattery, I've decided to see if I can help out.

So, If anyone would like me to provide a constructive review of their UGC mission please list :
The Name of the mission:
Mission ID:
Do you want edit comments posted on forum or sent via pm :

Please note that only Holodeck published missions.

Since each reviewer will bring their own method of review to the task, here are some guidelines I plan to follow:


#1 - Your mission would only get this is I could not find the starting gate or was stuck in the beginning of the mission. You really should finish the mission before publishing it. I expect to rarely give out a 1.

#2 - Mission was successful, but generally not very interesting. There are numerous problems with the story or there is a lack of a story. Large grammatical and typo errors exists

#3 - An average grade - for an average mission. It was generally fun but may need some grammatical work. Storyline may have some holes, etc. I expect most will be in this range.

#4 - A fairly polished mission. I'll likely have a few suggestions and catch a few typos. Mission kept my interest and is something I'd be proud of.

#5 - Wow - you should be doing reviews so that other people can learn from your skill.

In general, I will catch grammatical and typos, I do not profess to be any type of a spelling / grammatical expert. But I will tell you what I see. I'll also impart how the mission "feels" to me from a storyline perspective. I am NOT an ST, TNG, TOS expert and will not generally downgrade a rating based on canon. Now, that doesn't mean that if you have your first officer marrying a tribble that I will ignore that.... it is just that I cannot judge what I don't understand fully.

So if your interested, please make your requests below:
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# 2
04-14-2011, 09:38 AM
You are right and I think I should probably start my own review-thread as well. You motivate me, Sir. I just have to think of a good concept of how I should review.

Well, if you want to start with a mission, feel free to try mine. 'ST-SSR, E01: "Black Boxes"' It's probably still on review. Since I'm not at home I cannot give you the Mission-ID, sorry.
It's currently in its final draft stage, where I let the mission rest for a while (and perhaps gather some comments), before I go over it again.
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# 3
04-14-2011, 09:46 AM
I appreciate your willingness to help. I've decided after I get my first two missions cleaned up to spend at a week or so reviewing.

If you wish, here's the info for my latest mission

Mission Name: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Faction: Federation
Levels: 41+

However you might want to give the first one a run through too... the title is "Just Another Day". I've received a lot of positive comments on it so I'm fairly satisfied with it, and while the 2nd mission can stand on it's own if you have the time it might help give a better sense of where I'm going with the story to do them back to back. Assuming you "avoid" the optional fights each one should only take about a half hour to 45 minutes. Otherwise those optional fights could put total mission time at almost an hour.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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# 4
04-14-2011, 10:25 AM
I have some missions needing more reviews:

KCM - The Thief


A rare and valuable artifact is stolen from an earth museum, the thief was reported to be Ferengi and it seams he is connected to the Breen. Please start the search right away.


Reviews: 1.

Update: 1.1

KCM - Trouble at Starbase A14


We have revived a distress signal from Starbase A14.

travel to DS9 and speak to Admiral Marconi.


Reviews: 1.

Update 1.1

KCM - Distress signal from AG456 - follow on from KCM - Trouble at Starbase A14


Investigate AG456. We have just learned that AG456 ground base has been overthrown.


Reviews: 0.
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# 5
04-14-2011, 01:08 PM
If you are open to doing Klingon missions I would like you to review mine.

Trill Death Do We Part
Faction: Klingon
Level: All
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# 6
04-14-2011, 01:54 PM
Mission Name: Currents Turned Awry
Project ID: ST-HU3VYIP77
Faction: Federation
Levels: 41+
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# 7 mission reviews..
04-14-2011, 02:45 PM
Hello and thank everyone who is contributing to reviewing, I myself review 2-3 missions a week, unless something stops me (r/l). My mission has sat in the list on tribble for near a month with no reviews. If anyone takes the time to look I try to review missions with no rating or not above 3 stars to help boost anything worthy up on the list. I have even open channel messaged I would join any fleet giving me 5 reviews of any sort. Plenty of fleets trying to get me to join, none willing to take time to review my mission first though.

To get on with it my mission is "Peace Keeper" by "brightwhiteknight" the mission ID number is
"ST-TH69XWF2Z" it is a Klingon Empire mission. Level 16+.I dont really want to give away too much right here right now, so let me just say this.
Story includes several space maps, 1 ground. Now, dont let it fool you, as you try to sneak through Risa sector to reach vulcan, it is possible to make a real mess of it or...not. Just because there are several spacial maps does not mean there will necessarily be intense lengthy combats involved. Though if it is your desire for such, it can be had.
Feel free to post your reviews any way you like publicly is fine.

Now thats done I have a question, and I feel stupid for asking. Do I have to repost my mission through the live editor? The mission is posted on Tribble server. On holodeck create content, my missions do not show! How do I import them? They do not show on the import list either.

Any and all criticism is welcome so long as its not rural in nature. This is my first published mission.

To any and all willing to spare a few minutes for my mission, thank you very much! Let me know if I can do the same.
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# 8
04-14-2011, 02:52 PM
Just released v1.4 yesterday.

Would appreciate another perspective!

Defend the Empire!


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# 9
04-14-2011, 03:07 PM
My mission is

Hold the line


A Space based mission with a surprise on the bridge.

**Missions Cannot start at Starbase 24 so you will warp in from the nearby Reytan system, Sirius Sector Block**

Has only 3 combat elements across 3 maps.

However the 1st is a large fleet style battle and I have been pulling my hair out to try and balance it w/o making it too easy or pain in the backside.

Quite a lot of chatter amongst bridge crew and some characters.
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Originally Posted by Patarival View Post
'ST-SSR, E01: "Black Boxes"' It's probably still on review. .
Author : Patarival

Title : ST-SSR, E01 : "Black Boxes"


Start Time 6:10 PM - 7:34 PM

Rating : 4 (5) - Rating will easily rise when a few of the rough edges are polished.

Summary : An excellent detailed plot line. The author is highly skilled in UGC concepts and makes excellent usage of multiple dialogs, puzzles, environment, etc. I will look for hte next mission in the series.

One of the best missions I've played (And I've played over 30). I hope that you don't mind if I edit some of mine and use some of your techniques!

Pluses & Minuses : + Location in mission Dialog.
+ Nice intro on Mission Offer dialog popup.
- Typos
+ When I got to Risa I clearly knew it was your door!
+ Good, you have locator beacons
- A couple of my responces ended in period when they really felt like questions. (example You mean the crew could still be alive)
+ Well done puzzle, great job letting your security person solve it if you where to lazy to!! (Yea... I was)
- Dialog was moving fine in shuttle bay, all the missions completed, music sounded like I ended, did not get prompted to beam to bridge, so I warped out. It said mission completed. Had to go back in and through all mission maps. On reentry to hanger bay got prompted to beam to bridge. Possible UGC bug.

Typos that I saw PM'd to you.

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