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in the case the two missions I refer to are Look to the Rising Sun and The Far Side of the Sun. I added both, and upon map transfer to sector space, both vanished from my lists. Rising Sun appears as unadded/unplayed in the community authored list but i can't retake it. Far side of the Sun doesn't appear at all. And I know the mission hasn't been taken down as I'm talking with the Author in TS right now.
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04-07-2011, 04:31 PM
I think this is related to server lag. I had the same thing happen, then relogged to try it on a different character, the mission refused to go to my missions list.

Then I tried one more time, ended up getting dropped by the server, and when I logged back in everything went fine.

I think there is a lag issue between the foundry server and the game server.

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