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# 1 Top Notch Series (so far)
04-08-2011, 01:16 AM
I wanted to take a minute to promote a Foundry series that so far has been superb. It's not my own, but I enjoyed the story so much that I wanted to share it with you guys.

I was diappointed to see that no one had commented on it when I played it, and when I logged off it was still in the review stage. It plays out just like a Cryptic weekly series. The first two parts are currently available, and the first one is a nice plot opener even if a little short. That doesn't take away from it as a whole though. The second mission uses some nice tricks to pull off things that I couldn't do.

I forget who's mission it is, I should have wrote it down, but the name of the mission is Wanted. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I loved it and I think that you might too. Can't wait for it to be completed! These types of missions is what the Foundry was made for, and I can't wait to see what you guys can do with more functionality than you have now in the toolset.

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# 2
04-08-2011, 04:16 AM
Im going to be brutally honest here. I played part 1 and 2 and whilst the storyline has potential i did not think the missions were anything special. in fact they were a little dull. far too much scanning going on in both parts, some of the dialogue felt clunky and needed some extra padding and explanations as to who was who. there was very little combat which is ok if there is plenty to see and do but the storyline, whilst interesting to a point, was quite sparse. it basically felt like a giant patrol missions which is fine if you like that but as a story it was not up to par with some of the other great missions.

I think the storyline could become something fascinating if done right and i can see numerous ways to improve it but at the moment i dont think the 'fun' factor is there in either mission.

The good thing about the foundry is we all find different things interesting and if you like it then great, but i found it lacking in all departments.
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04-08-2011, 09:06 AM
Thanks Phennix, I am glad you like it....but it isn't even supposed to be on the public list yet.

Honestly, I can't do many things I have written out for the series because of the limitation of the Foundry tool. The only reason these were published is because I wanted to test a few things that required a higher ranked character, and I frankly didn't want to spend hours leveling up the Foundry characters to do so.

We really need a copy and import or something, or maybe be able to set our characters level in the Foundry testing area.

Anyway, these missions are far from complete. There are actually two space combat scenes missing from the first mission, not in because at current I have found no way to make them work as I intend. The second one has three bugs in it, that are preventing the "cave" combat from working right.

I'm happy you found enjoyment in them, but they aren't supposed to be played yet. I have withdrawn them four times each, but for some reason they won't come off the list. I sent a ticket about it, so far no response. I haven't published part 3 simply because I didn't want it to be stuck on the list either, and it's not half complete.

I work in a strange way I guess. I have the story written out and what happens when and where, but some of it isn't yet possible. I know there are more trigger options coming, so I started working on the next parts while I wait for functions I need to finish up the previous ones. I kind of figured it would go faster to get everything done when they give out more functions.

Thanks for your kind words, but people really shouldn't be playing these. If I could get them to withdraw...I surely would.

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