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# 1 Trip from EDS to DS9
04-08-2011, 09:55 AM
Hi everyone.
I have a question that may seem silly.
How do I send the player from ESD (sol) in DS9?
Now the player speaks with NPG and quickly moves on DS9.
I want the player speaks with NPG, then exit from ESD and goes with the ship on DS9 to continue the mission.
how do I do?
where can I find the solution?
Lt. Commander
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# 2
04-08-2011, 10:24 AM
You can only begin your mission from one place, so if you begin your mission at ESD, you cannot use DS9 from the actual game. You would have to create a DS9 map(which is available). If you want to travel through space to get to your DS9, you can, say, put a space map in between. There is a more elaborate way to travel in Sector Space between destinations, but I'm not sure if that is what you are asking. If so,there is a tutorial for it at StarbaseUGC by NemesisChicken that explains it.

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