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Here the thing most players that do STF do them on RA because there is no really reason to do VA. The armor for Terradome is the same for both RA and VA. If we got like 10 emblems for VA a lot of players would do them more often.

Also at VA we have a lot of BOff skill points. I would preferred doubling the starfleet merits instead since they can be use to paid for repecs.
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04-10-2011, 02:55 AM
The frequency of Mk XI drops HAS gotten better in the VA-versions of the STF's... However, the 'epic' rewards (particularly the Purples) are always Mk X... In some cases, like the Borg Medical Kit from The Cure, this is understandable, but why in all other cases?

+1 /signed
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04-10-2011, 11:51 AM
How much merits you get now, I think it's ok.

I do agree with the 10 emblems. With a Btran VA daily you can earn 4 emblems and for completing 1 STF (VA version) you receive 5 emblems. Kinda strange.

But I read a post from Gozer that they will change it after the STF missions are updated.

You can read his post here:
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04-10-2011, 12:17 PM
Thanks that is one long thread. I would have never found it.

Because of the skill cap the Captain Skill points are being converted to BOff skill points. If we could instead convert them to merits they can be used for skill respecs (VA it cost 30k to respec) and ship renaming, BO training. On my main toon I have over 500k BOff skills points but only 30k of merits because of respecs. I know they are trying to fix the in-game currency but that is a long way off.

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