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Had my Fleet play my UGC and while the comments where mostly positive, the space battle section was found to be too simple. Now I do have a battleship group in it that is supposed to scale, along with others that scale.

So it got me to thinking, When you do ground, a Fleet replaces the BO's that beam down, so you can plan on a consistent team size. In space though, a single player gets 1 ship. If you cram enough mobs in space to give a fleet of 4-5 ships a challange, then a single player feels overwhelmed and drops the mission/slams the reviews.

So the question to you experienced folks is : how do you handle this in your space missions?

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04-11-2011, 08:46 AM
Space units are supposed to scale up too. Even fighter squadrons can scale up to containing larger enemy ships. Is this not happening in your experience?
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04-11-2011, 09:06 AM
They're scaling up, but when a mob goes from 6 ships to 8, yet the friendly forces go from 1 ship to 4/5 the balance is out of whack.

The mob would have to go from 6 ships to 20 to keep the balance. I've found with an experianced fleet, they would have to go to 40 or more ships to be any real challenge to a good team.

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