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# 1 Multi-map Objectives.
03-31-2011, 12:40 AM
How interesting would it be if you could setup objectives for team members to be on multipull maps at the same time.
A fun ajustment for foundry please.

A five man team is fighting the borg in space, but four of them need to beam down to 4 diferent planets to complete objectives there, as the fight in space keeps going and there ships stay in the fight as NPC ships.
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# 2
04-10-2011, 08:47 AM
Ok so I have been thinking more about this and it looks as if it sould only be a matter of prioritizing the objectives into diferent types of objectives, and to arange some of them into objective sets for storylines.

The first type are map objectives, like use that console to open this door, which are confined to only that one map. thay help to do the mission but have a low priority and can be missed out if there is another way to do that part of the mission. like the Tac-Eng-Sci-Dip in the Feature Episodes thay are nice to do but not nessicery,
Example: Do you unlock the frunt door of an bulding? or unlock the back door and use it insted? (true right now the back door would need to be linked to another building.) (Two doors going to diferent spawn in points of the same map, I have seen it in Campions.)

The second type are grouped objectives made up of map objectives, grouped objectives work as storylines for individual maps that the players are on at the time, one person could do all of the grouped objectives one at a time by going to all of the maps true that would be fun but it would take a wile, or a team could do all the grouped objectives any combination thay wish, as long as one team member compleats that set of grouped objectives then that part of the storyline is done for the whole team, Also replaying a mission with diferent team members doing diferent parts of the storyline may make some missions very intresting.
Example: Mission Objectives go to system A
System Objectives, part 01 go to system A, part 02 fight ships A, part 3= (Objective group A, Objective group B, Objective group C,) part 05 warp out of system.
Objective group A, part 01 fight ships B, part 02 fight ships C, part 03 scan asteroid A,
Objective group B, part 01 beam down to planet B, part 02 to talk to person B about scaning plant A, part 03 go scan plant A, part 04 beam up to ship.
Objective group C, part 01 beam down to base C, part 02 to talk to person B useing computer console, part 03 use computer console, part 04 use computer console, part 05 beam up to ship.

In part 03 of the System Objectives, the Objective groups could be done at the same time.

The third type are priority mission objectives that link together a number of Objective group parts form the diferent mission maps which need to be done in order by a team or a BO left behind at that map, so that the mission story can move along and all priority mission objectives must be done for the mission to be a success,

Using team work to do this example priority mission objective in this order:
Objective group B, part 03 go scan plant A,
Objective group C, part 03 use computer console,
Objective group A, part 03 scan asteroid A,
Objective group C, part 04 use computer console,

You learn that the seed of that plant was once a part of that asteroid, and completion of the mission.
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# 3
04-11-2011, 12:01 PM
Hopped you over to The Foundry - Discussion!

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