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With a major part of the ground combat changes involving weapon tweaks, there are a few things I'm hoping to see:

Expose/Exploit Options for Each Weapon -- I usually equip one expose and one exploit weapon. Right now, they're often different weapon bodies (pistol versus dustbuster versus rifle) or different weapon effects (beam versus pulse). I'd much rather have something that looks like a "switch mode" rather than a "switch weapon", so I'd like to see each weapon class (body + beam|pulse) have an expose model and an exploit model. An alternative would be adding a tertiary attack or actual "switch mode" toggle to weapons that provides a less-powerful version of the secondary attack with the alternate expose/exploit effect. (Bridge officers would only use the standard secondary mode in this case; having separate weapons in the original proposal removes that consideration for bridge officers.)

Unleveled Basic Equipment -- Some bridge officers I lovingly equip; others get hand-me-downs or what they came aboard with. Lately I've been equipping the leftover patrol with unleveled Type 2 phasers and happy to have one less thing to worry about. I'd like to see the lowest-tier equipment replaced with very basic unleveled versions. They get better as your captain levels, but they're never as good as buying on-tier leveled gear. I'd like to see this for weapons, armor, and personal shields to avoid having to shuffle equipment when I want a less-used BO for a particular mission.

Updated TOS Phaser Type 1 -- We have versions of the TOS Type 2 and 3 phasers as leveled mission rewards, and now we have a version of the Type 2 included with the TOS bridge pack that levels with the user (i.e., unleveled). The Type 1, a level-locked reward from a Klingon front mission, could use a little love. The options with the type 2, a weaker unleveled version versus a strong leveled mission reward seems like a great idea.

Type 1 for Stun, Type 2 for Wide Beam -- Switching secondary attacks on the Type 1 and 2 would make more sense from canon and common sense since there's literally a Type 1 *inside* a Type 2, the pistol housing increasing range, charge, and effect.

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