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Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
Wile I surely appreciate your impute I would point out that you CLEARLY did not read parts of my post.

I HAVE the best gear. (By that I mean MK IV at LC and so forth)

Also If i run into a group with large amounts of Shielded / Powered Enemys and they all dog pile me first thing I cant really do much about it. I have tried, Mine Fields, Turrets, Healing, Rolling nothing.
Just spent 50 minuets trying to get rid of one party and nothing.

It does seam to happen much less latter.
And less when i am on my tac not my sci.
But It is still pretty constant.

I also have two friends who play and gave me the. "Your not going it right" or the "I dont have trouble" Lines.

Had then watch me play and they agree.
I just seam to get extremal difficult enemy ground and they seam to go right at me.
As I said.

I can have my goons attack the enemy. And I WILL DO NOTHING!
And the Entire enemy group with maybe one exception will simply rush forward, throw grenades at me then dog rush me and melee/blast me. And i have a threat reduction.

Its the same reason i didnt liek playing before and it does not seam to be any better.

And let me just make this clean.

If your just going to post.

"I dont have this trouble."

Then shut up and don't bother. I don't care if you have had the troulbe or not. I DO, Pretty much every other time i beam down. Its gotten to the point that when i Explore if i get. (Aproche Planet) I just warp out.

P.S. I does seam to happen WAY more offten on explore.
I feel you are right, this is something that should be addressed by the devs. The Devs for their part assure us they, for the most part, have dealt with these problems and to their credit I have the problem less, but still it does happen.

Just wait till you get to the Romulan zones and have to deal with the new tholeron drones. Advice there is watch for the drones and shoot them the moment you can target them. If you do not get the drone before it deploys it's mine you only have a little time before the mine blows so shoot the heck out of it. If you see green rain before you destroy the mine run away and hope you get far enough that it does not one shot you.

Then there are the Borg in the VA explores. First they are a group of seven vs your group of five, then the proto drones teleport in. I don't do the kill five groups of Borg ground explores anymore. And this is after I figured out how to do the Klingon zone grounds on advanced.

As for your immediate problem would you mind if I show you what worked for me?

I use two engies and two scis for my away team. Regen shield one and two are mandatory for away engineer team members on my crews. The same is true on my science officers who always pack Medical Tricorder one and two. This allows me to zombie through most of the fight as it buys me critical time.

If I can find someone to train it or I have a toon that can train it I nine out personal shields long enough to train my away team engies in rengen shields three then I can respec out of it and those BOs will keep the skills I trained them in. Same holds true if I am playing a sci I nine out whatever will let me train Medical tricorder three. After that support drones and or fuse armor are good options for engies and nanite health monitor for the scis for their top end ground ability. This should let you play on advanced most all of the time.

For my toons I always put at least three skill points into the ground abilities I like best by using the "Contribute to" button at the top right of the skill point allocation UI. For example on a tac; 3 in assault training, 3 in soldier and 3 in firearms will help you deal much more damage. If I am playing sci and use the geophysics kit; Scientific theory, researcher, and exo geology will help your thermal vent do more damage. Use that with gravitational shift and your gonna roast some nuts. In the very least use the "contribute to" button to highlight the skills that boost Tricorder Scan as it is a good way to boost a science officer's DPS on the ground.

I also got into the habit of targeting the sword masters and hitting the "Y" key to have my BOs attack the same target first. This lets me get away with energy dampening armor on the whole awayteam, as most baddies but Klingons, (and a few explore baddies), prefer to stand back and shoot and only the sword masters seem to be able to one shot you with a bat'leth. remove the guy with the bat'leth first and the rest even the targ handlers and heavy weapons officers are usually much easier. Outside of the Klingons at end game there are the Borg who all bum rush you and are happy to root and club you to death despite their technological sophistication. My problem with the Borg for the most part only seems to happen in the explores so do not let that last tid bit put you off the endgame Borg story missions.

My sense is the Devs are not in a hurry to fix ground as it sits because they will introduce a new ground combat system early in Season Four. With luck the fixes we have all hoped for will be in that update. Till then I truly hope that my advice is not pretentious and will help you in your enjoyment. Best of luck and I hope to see you in game. If I have given you any information you already know and use I am sorry it is just my urge to help and desire to see you enjoy yourself.
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Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
So here's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
Interesting. Does your Captain have any passives that add threat? Also, was your team able to replicate the effect?

Originally Posted by zordar View Post
Question for Eng / Sci players? Does having Draw Fire on your Tac BOff's seem to work at all? I thought it was useless, but if Tac Captains have wonky aggro then maybe Draw Fire isn't as bad as I thought.
I play a Tac and have a Tac with Draw Fire I. Given that I generally only aggro whatever mob I'm shooting at, and given that the Tac BO gets KO'ed every other fight while everyone else survives just fine, it seems to be working pretty well...
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04-15-2011, 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
Why can I still not find some of the scan items on missions because they are in the map?
I haven't had this happen since ... October, I think.

Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
Why do I still run up on Combat Missions with 2 Swordsmasters, 2 Munitions officers, a Officer A Targ Handler and 4 warriors. On Normal.
Ever heard of pulling? And if you say that "they all come at me" then you aren't pulling right, period, because that's how I handle something like that.

Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
Why is there no Threat table on this Game? And don't tell me there is. I can send MY ENTIRE team forward to attack the enemy, Stand Back and do nothing and every enemy runs right at me... And I have -20% threat Generation.
This is why I play an Engineer. I figured out long ago that no matter what Cryptic says, all the enemies hate ME personally and so I dig in before each group.

Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
Why can bosses STILL one shot me some times. And I Mean hit me for 800 damage when i only have 400 total sheidl/health.
That's never happened to me. What has usually happened is somebody hits me critically or with an exploit attack and then the boss hits me, but that's not a one-hit kill, that's just fate.

Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
A: Your not doing it right.
B: Your gear is not good enough.
C: Your not using the right skills.
Pretty much. Again, if most people aren't having these problems and only a few are then the solution cannot be "TEH GAEM IS TEH BROKE", surely.

My tip: Take on swordmasters with hand to hand combat. Learn the combo strikes. Make sure your away team has more than one healer.
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04-15-2011, 11:40 AM
I have to say I am not familiar with many of the issues raised here. I'm not even specced for ground on most of my toons and I've never had much of an issue. The aggro problem described sounds very bizarre, but I can't say I have ever witnessed it. I mean I often get targeted first, but they usually quickly shift their focus.

That said, the swordmasters, are outrageous. They are far too strong. However, I have rarely, and probably only twice ever, encounter a swordmaster mob that I couldn't defeat. As time passes, I have founded them easier and easier, but I can only put that down to experience.

I guess I can only offer some advice, and you see how it goes. It either helps, or it doesn't.
  • Don't use AOE weapons, or at least, don't use the AOE until you have an advantage or can limit it's field of fire. Split beams and the like are a quick way to draw unwanted aggro for example.
  • Keybind a command to request resuscitation.
  • Keybind attack my target
  • Always focus fire
  • If rushed by swordmasters, always switch out of crouch/aim mode, and you can generally stay well outside of their melee range, using run if necessary, while maintaining fire.
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# 35 Edited by GM Jahia
04-15-2011, 12:07 PM
All you are saying Is I want to tank in healer gear while specing as a rouge. To put it in WOW terms. You going to do nothing but wipe all the time with that way of thinking. All MMOs are role based if you do not get the the right gear for the right class then spec for them you should fail.
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Originally Posted by Sleeves
All you are saying Is I want to tank in healer gear while specing as a rouge. To put it in WOW terms. You going to do nothing but wipe all the time with that way of thinking. All MMOs are role based if you do not get the the right gear for the right class then spec for them you should fail.

Ultra Helpful, Sleeves.

Whiskey Echo!!

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