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# 1 Gametime Cards for C-Store?
04-13-2011, 05:31 AM
Hello there.

Making my mind about buying something from the C-Store currently, but I'm not too happy to pay by CC (PayPal requires also my CC where I'm living!). My CC is for absolute emergencies only.

So I'm not able to buy Atari Tokens in any other way apparently, making it impossible for me to buy them due to my restrictions of not using my CC online.

Why can't we implement a system, so that we can pay with Gametime Cards? It's possible to pay my subscription this way, so why not Atari Tokens aswell?

Do you want my money or not? I can actually live without the fluff or simply discard the game completely if there's no acceptable payment methods available for the C-Store. Same problem with Champions Online there, where I'd happily spend some cash, if it was possible without a CC/PayPal.

NCSoft for example let's you buy token-cards... are you not as good as NCSoft?

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