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I did a search and did not come across this. If its been posted then my bad.

For the last 50 days now I have been unable to take any Diplomatic missions. Everytime I contact the Ambassador, I get the yellow text saying the mission was accepted and then completed and cycles out of it.

I can get to the screen where we can select the Diplomatic mission, and I can select them no issues, however the mission does not update on my screen. I have checked the other mission menus, and the Diplomatic missions are not showing.

Kind of annoying....

I have even went to the sectors where the mission takes place to see if it was just a bug, but still no missions appear.

Anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know if the there is a thread on it that I am missing?

Lt. Commander
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04-12-2011, 03:18 PM
I do not ever see the diplomatic mission unless it is a First Contact in my J log.

And I read somewhere you only have 30 minutes to get to the explore teritory. Then in the lower right you will see a small warp button and a larger diplomatic mission button (where the OP messages hide)
Click the diplomatic missioin and it begins.

I think it doesn't list because you have a limited amount of time to reach it.

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