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04-14-2011, 03:43 AM
Well, from what I gathered from the interview, I'm hopeful regarding his hope for a solid end game experience, and weekly episodes.

I think the Bridge Control thread says everything I was gonna say:

Personally, I'm looking forward to all the new content that's coming, and enjoying what we have right now Far less stressful that way

Also, on a lighter note, I (along with The.Grand.Nagus) am wondering if we'll be able to keep those EV suits, and if our Breen BOs will need them at all!
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04-14-2011, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by Acidrain View Post
Another thing that was stated was and is a disappointment is that they aren’t going to be expanding space other than for episodes and to be honest the universe is way too small and should be expanded and it is a major disappointment which I hope they rethink about that action.
In my opinion some more space would be great for foundry projects. Most of the missions I have played so far are great, but I have the feeling they have been put into a corset.
It should be possible to visit the federation (core) worlds (I donīt know how many klingon worlds are in the Star Trek canon).

Than there could be some unexplored space, which the players have to explore and which affects the Federation/Klingon Empire (the clusters are nice, but the action there has no consequences).

I hope my bad english is understandable.

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