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04-14-2011, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by Naevius View Post
Totally false. Maps are irrelevant; PvP in this game offers a good mix of opportunities to build out your ship effectively, plus exercise skillful play - in other words a good mix of preparation strategy and execution tactics.
You are right...I was trying to convey a personal opinion and should not have used the word "fact".

With all due respect, the rest of what you wrote is trivial. In other words, a given. With further respect, kindly do not mistake my comments to indicate that in 1.25 years {roughly} of STO PvP that my disappointments are an extention of just not "getting it" lol. While I do not think the PvP environment {"Maps"}is "irrelevant"...I will agree that they are the least of what is, and has been wrong with PvP in STO since day one.

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