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04-14-2011, 09:51 AM
I've been pushing for this since the interiors were introduced. One of the solutions I proposed (called the Timer Solution) has been confirmed feasible by Dstahl. However, he seems adamant about not allowing travel via the bridge as an option.

See original thread :

This avoids the technical problem of being in 2 places at once. (On your bridge AND in sector space. You'll just be on your bridge.)

The fact that this subject keeps coming up over and over again by different people shows that there's a significant number of players that want this option. Why not make this section of the player base happy and implement the simplest solution? Heck, you can almost create the scenario I described using the Foundry already. (Except there's no timer functionality, or the ability to place people in their OWN bridge.) The people that don't want it wouldn't have to use it.
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04-14-2011, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by Storm-Herald
The real fix to this is to:

a) eliminate sector space
b) make DSE's a location we can warp to
c) Put us on the bridge while we warp and all that happens is a timer ticks down as we travel
d) Bridge stations let us change course, and when we arrive at a system, THEN we load to the tactical view if required or we simply fly up to the planet, see the communication dialogue and then beam down.
I'd agree with everything but "A". There's no reason to eliminate it as there is definitely room for both in the game.

I have to believe they could simulate travel with a simple countdown timer. I understand how people can think it's just stupid, but honestly it's just a feeling thing. For me there are plenty of times I'd much rather be on my bridge going from one end of the quadrant to the other. I'm not worried about having my ship's avatar appear in sector space or DSEs or anything, just the ability to "beam" up to my bridge, select a destination and then wander about pretending I'm actually Captain of a starship en route to some grand adventure.
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04-14-2011, 10:18 AM
Using the "TImer Solution" you could even do a mix of travel. Basically the Timer Solution just delays you from being automatically dropped into an instance.

There are 2 kinds of instances that divide up sector space : systems, and sector blocks. (Notice that the Systems map lets you plot courses to both.) So, from the navigator interaction pop-up the destination list could be in 2 categories, Systems and Sector Blocks. Double clicking a sector block would start the timer, and when the timer expires you'd get a popup stating "[Rank], we've arrived that the [Sector Block] Sector Block." You'd choose "Continue" or "Not Now" like any other popup for entering a sector block. You'd then be dropped into Sector Space in that sector block. If you double click a specific system, after the timer expires you'd get the standard "We've arrived at the Whatever System" popup, and then you'd be dropped into the system.

If Cryptic's concerned about people bypassing Sector Space too much, they could make it so that you're only allowed to travel between sector blocks from the bridge, and not to specific systems. This behavior could be implemented with minimal effort, but I think Dstahl just doesn't want to give anyone a way to bypass Sector Space. I guess the arguement could be made that the load on the servers would be different if a subset of the player base started using their interiors more. Where a Sector Block is 1 instance holding many players, there's only 1 player in 1 instance of your ship interior. Having to load all those interiors might be detrimental to server performance. So, I guess implementing the feature isn't as hard as it is to tune the server performance after the feature is implemented.

Perhaps this functionality could only be used by VAs as a reward? No DSEs will attack us anyway because our level is too high.

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