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# 1 Dailies not really daily?
04-14-2011, 11:24 AM
Breaking the Planet & Halting the Gorn Advance dailies - why do they not work right? They are my favorite dailies but they don't come back each day. The regular ones do but they not for the emblems so I don't do them. Sometimes its days after I've done it that they come back to do again. I usally do them both the same day if I have the time, but I've had one come back before the other. Like today on my sci officer, the Gorn one is back for me to do but the other one isn't. There isn't even a timer on them like the other dailies after you finish it. They just disappear from my menu. I haven't check my other alts yet but is it just me or they set up like that on purpose? If so, they don't need to be called dailies... maybe call them Weeklies. Does anyone else have this problem with them?
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# 2
04-14-2011, 03:53 PM
Front Lines (War Zone) and Klingon Scout Force FA dailies are the same. You usually get 90% Big Dig FA daily and 48% each C&H or Arena dailies in PVP.
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# 3
04-14-2011, 04:54 PM
And then there's the dailies that don't say they're dailies, like Traelus System - Satellite Repair. The body text says it can be done daily. But the title doesn't say (Daily). Seems like they'd want to name things consistently?

Couldn't it just be Satellite Repair (Daily) and leave the Traelus system bit for the mission text telling you where it is?

Just saying...

Come to think of it, are all the dailies listed in the same area or in their designated "alignment" part of the active missions page? I forget. Would kind of be nice if all the dailies were just lumped together into a dailies section. Or maybe a separate 'dailies' tab separated by sector block / alignment (breen, cardassian, klingon, romulan, borg, etc.)? Just a thought...
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# 4
04-16-2011, 07:34 AM
I find that the compete in 3 war zones, 3 arenas and 3 assault/capture daily missions don't repopulate as they are suppose to. I get them maybe once a week at best. Very annoying as i want to finish the accolades tied to them.

There is a bug in the Alehna system supply depot mission such that if your team has it active, but only one person completes it, the instance resets, and you can enter in several times and complete the mission to get the surplus supplys, however the ferengi only gives the reward once as the timer resets for that player. This is usefull if you like to stock up on deuterium. I don't really want the bug fixed, as the only person getting cheated is the player going the deed(cheating one's self out of the fun).

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