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Hi all. I wasn't sure where to put this message but in a section about fleets seemed fair enough.

I keep getting messages in my STO inbox addressed to all members of various fleets. I'm not in any fleet! I've replied to a few of them saying as much but haven't received any responses from the fleets in question.

Is this a bug, or has someone somehow joined me up in a bunch of fleets without me knowing about it?
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04-15-2011, 03:35 AM

You can only be in one fleet at a time with each character.

The fact that you are receiving messages you are unsure about who is sending can be from a different chat channel and not necessarily from a fleet.

The easiest way to check if you are in a fleet is to click on the little down arrow below your mini-map and see if you have "fleet" on the list of items.

If you do you can click on it and a window will pop up with several tabs, listing info about the fleet, and its members. there are also "leave" buttons on the bottom that allows you to leave the fleet.

If you are not in a fleet you have to look at the name of the channel that you are unfamiliar with.

some common channels are:

- "Local" this does not have a channel designation in front of it, and will most likely be white in colour.
- [Zone] (orange in colour) this is the current zone you are in and can also have a number designated to it depending if people are talking in different instances of that zone.
- [Help] (white in colour) a channel for getting STO help
- [Fleet] (light green in colour) this would be the chat channel for a fleet if you are in one.
- [Team] (blue in colour) this is the channel to talk to if you want to chat with your team mates
- [Private] (purple in colour) this is a message that someone has sent you in private.
- etc...

If you want to talk in these different channels you can select between all the channels you have added by clicking on the little arrow on the bottom left side of your chat box in-game.

You can create different tabs that allows you to select the default channels that will show up in that channel and what channel you type in. This is good for Teams, and Zone. etc...

To disable a channel from showing up you can right click on the top of your chat box and unselected the channels you do not want to see.

You can also add channels by right clicking on the chat box and going to channels and typing in the name of a channel like the Fed STF or KDF STF channels and clicking join.

Hope this helps!


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