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First of all my apologies if anyone else already made a thread about something like this.

Now, lets see.

I love to take strolls around my ship. Seeing all my ants stroll around my very limited ships interior.
Anyway, Seeing how the hole dutyroster is coming up, I was wondering if anyone had any 101 on how this will affect the activities of my crewmembers. I.e. when I have someone on maintenance duty will I have exposed panels on the walls with guys doing welding and stuff?

What also bugs me a little is how you beam onto your bridge at the moment when entering the ships interior.
How hard can it be to have my captain sit in the captains chair when I get to interior view.

Also I wondered if I could get an option to return to my interior after say a diplomatic away mission.
I would return to my ship, when stuff loads up I stand on the transporter pads with my away team. They then disperse into the crowd since they have other stuff to do and when I get to the bridge to retake my position in the chair they have remand their stations.

A nice aplication might also be to finally have some use for the view-screen besides a very costly sleep inducing screensaver.

To me this is something that will help break the grind that is:
1. enter system X
2. recieve mission info Y
3. blow up an Z amount of enemies
4. scan anomalie P
5. read through nicely written mission content* texts Q

Then repeat step 2 through 5 until end of mission.

*I know this is personal.

The missions are very nice in my opinion. I love the PvE side of the game. Just find a way to make the patrol missions more diverse and this game is more gold then platinum.

Just saying that step 6 could be the 'coming home' as described earlier. This helps connect to your ship in ways other than seeing it as a interstellar taxi with a billion dollar GPS and weapon systems

Also what I was thinking is that engineering officers Could spend some time in the corridor's of their ship to get rid of ship injuries (for scy or tac this could be their chief of engenering or something). Scy could spend time in sickbay getting rid of their own injuries and those of BO's. Tac could spend time on a limited time weapon damage bonus (tweaking the settings and recalibrating the arrays and such).

I dont think this is to much 'out there'. People in a team should just immediately return to the tactical view. Otherwise this would become an annoyance. People on their own will enjoy this I think but the 'return to tactical view' button should stay. Nobody should be forced to walk to a turbolift and then have another loadingscreen and then go sit in the chair and then have to suffer another loading screen.
It's loading screen madness allready.

I hope I have thrown some good brainstorming out their.

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04-21-2011, 12:35 PM
Okay, I'm going to try to answer your questions as best I can in a short numbered list format.

1. As far as I know, the Duty Officer system will not affect ship interiors in any way, shape, or form at launch. Maybe at a later date.

2. This is due to a limitation of the game engine. All transitions from space to ground or from ground to space require the transporting animation. Unfortunately, that means when you're on a planet or in a space station, you just appear on your bridge, and when you're in space in your ship, you beam in. I'd like this addressed too, but I doubt it's going to happen anytime soon. Seems it would require making transitions to your bridge an exception to that rule and then reversing it - so that ground to bridge transitions require the beaming animation but space to bridge transitions do not.
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# 3 durp
04-25-2011, 10:44 AM
It was mostly wishfull thinking I guess.
Still. The transitions should be addressed as anyone who is a huge fan of the series must agree that beeming onto your bridge while you are in fact allready there is somewhat weird.

Just apearing on my bridge/ in my readyroom would be a nice improvement IMHO.

And since this is an MMORPG things like scripted staff animations is not uncommon. WoW has the economy units from ******** (i.e. the 'workworkwork' grunts) chopping trees and taking naps all over the place.
I'm not opting for anything to elaborate.

I hope any of my brainstorm gets implemented somewhere down the road in some shape or form.
If the game's engine presents itself a bottleneck down the road I think Cryptic doomed itself from the start using it for a StarTrek game. StarTrek has a very nitpicky fanbase.

All in all cryptc is doing good things. I don't allways agree on their priorities but... you know. Ce'st la vie non?

(and yes I'm talking about them adding more and more stuff to the c-store while the game is not free to play. The excelsior should have been there from start along with the ambassador but I digress.)


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