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Masters of War V.2-Part 1-IS LIVE.

Background-The first Masters of War was made by seeing the Foundry and saying "Hey, lets play with this", without playing any other player created maps, researching the capabilities of the Foundry etc.. So needless to say, while the storyline was good, the actual play needed improvement, in my opinion anyway. Unfortunately due to Foundry constraints the entire mission had to be broken up into parts. Part 2 will arrive later this week or early next week. Continuity is important, and I have to see just what the Foundry will let me do in this respect. In the meantime, enjoy Masters of War V.2-Part 1.

Mission Title- Masters of War V.2 -Part 1

Description- The Federation is planning an attack on Qo'nos. Klingon honor will not allow for this atrocity. Follow the adventure as it unfolds reaching its climax on Mother Earth.


Mission Type-Space/Ground Battle- Somewhat dialog intensive.


Approx. Playing Time-45 mins.-1hr.

Bugs- Bug #1-when speaking to your Bridge Officers, it defaults to your Tactical or Science Officer. (There are plenty of instances where you should be speaking to all of your BO's) All other NPC dialog appears to be fine.

Bug #2- Due to some of the ground combat scenarios, enemy spawns may go "bonky"..

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