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The Federal Exploration fleet is recruiting,we are a small group of casual members from the U.S. and Europe.
Being a small fleet means we are drama free
We only have 3 main rules with our fleet
1.over 18 as active as possible
3.have and use ventrilo-mainly for stf's

We run our stf's mainly on the weekends,due to everyones real life issues,which comes first before this game.

stf times are
infected=1 hr 12 min
the cure=1hr 16 min
KA=2hrs 20 min

We are looking for 2-3 more active people so that we can run 2 groups of stf's at the same time.

if your interested in a small fleet that is drama free and takes care of business when needed then look us up
if not then may your journeys guide you to the place you are looking for

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