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04-23-2011, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by forresto View Post
... A recent patch which required a computer to have updated drivers, has made it so I can't play STO. My computer, a 2008 sony Vaio...

Just wanted the Devs to know that and was curious to see if any other people are having a similar issue?
I am in the same boat. My STO launcher crashed on 4/17 during its attempt at an automatic update on my Sony Vaio laptop (mine's a 2009). After trying lots of things with Support and with other helpful users these past seven days it looks like my laptop's graphics chipset is just plain below specs. I won't have to wait until July, but I'll certainly be out of commission for a couple of weeks at least while I decide what desktop to get. Sorry to hear that you're in the same jam. I am way behind the times regarding the latest in computers and tech talk. If you're in the same boat as I am in that regard I found it very helpful to talk to an employee at a national-chain, non-sales commission electronics store.

The guy I spoke with tonight already steered me clear from making a VERY costly mistake - I almost bought one of those very nifty all-in-one computers where the monitor is a touchscreen and the CPU is mounted right behind the screen. He told me that while those types of computers are nice, they cannot have their graphics cards updated like a traditional desktop can. While it would have met the game's medium requirements right out of the box, there was no way to upgrade it so I can finally play the game on it's maximum settings. Heck, if I'm getting a new computer it will be able to play this game on highest graphics setting! He then picked up a copy of STO from the store's shelves and ran through the specs with me as we walked down the row of desktops computers. I didn't buy anything tonight (too many choices to make a snap decision like that), but I learned more about the latest in computers to know that my laptop has simply been borderline adequate to the tasks I've given it so far. Since I was dealing with someone who was not working for a sales commission I got some very honest and helpful information. I made sure his dept. manager knew how helpful he was and that when I do get my new computer I will be buying from that store and that employee based on their pressure-free help (he may not be commission, but there is probably some sort of tracking that shows who's selling stuff and who's not).

Hope that helps. I've kept the info vague because I don't know it it is ok to mention stores by name in the forums, and I am no expert in computers, so I don't want to distort or misquote what he told me. All I know is that now I know just how much I didn't know until I talked with him

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