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so uhm
i got a Logitech G15 and Everest running so i can monitor my CPU and GPU usage + temps and stuff during gameplay.

I updated yesterday to the latest nvidia driver 270.61 for my GTX460

now i notice an increase to 99% GPU load in certain scenes (was mostly playing UGC missions the last few days),
even though i have Vsync active and it is capped at 60 FPS.

I'm nowhere near reporting a bug right now, and it is not a problem, i have good enough airflow in my PC etc.
i just think it is strange behaviour because i never noticed STO doing much more then 75% GPU load.
Espescially in scenes where nothing is going on... like beeing in the Captains ready room, + 5 NPC's reading a Text popup and nobody moving etc.

gonna try out the 266.58 driver again now and see if it makes a diffrence somewhere where i can put my finger on it...

...just wondering if someone else has noticed this.


oh i think i got it allready, the driver did reset all my settings in the driverpanel, including calculating the next 3 frames

note to self:
the new "clean install" function deletes all custom profiles *doh*

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