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I've been looking for a Foundry mission where someone wrote it with a Diplomatic (non-combat) AND a tactical (combat) path. Something that prompts you along the way and changes the mission depending on your selection.

Now I understand the tool fairly well and I know that this is really a challenge as the tool was not designed for anything but linear progression through a mission.... but has anyone been successful?

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04-25-2011, 10:54 AM
in a nutshell here is how i would do it, as an example.

create a new dialogue from the dialogue tab.
select the map you want from the list.
make the dialogue branch. so do you want a fight - yes or no.
set yes to succeed and no to fail.
drop a reach marker onto a map (not a story one, just from the specials tab).
set the dialogue to become visible on component reached in the state/trigger tabs.
set the object to be the reach marker on the map.
then drop an npc group on the map.
set that to become visible when component completes.
select the dialogue box as the component.

you will now have a situation where when you reach the marker the dialogue box will appear. you are faced with a question of having a fight. if you select yes, the dialogue box completes and an npc group spawns and you have a fight. if you select no, the dialogue box fails and nothing spawns.

by be clever with the text you can make it look like option A leads to a combat situation, and option B lead to a diplomatic situation. By playing around with it you can also make stuff chain.

you can be even more complex with having stuff appear and disappear depending on your choices but it can get quite complex.
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04-25-2011, 11:48 AM
Revo, that's a good solution. Might have to include that in my missions somewhere!

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