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# 1 Hull Gloss
04-26-2011, 09:23 AM
Over the reasonable length that I've been playing Star Trek: Online, there's been a feeling that I've had which makes me feel as though the game isn't quite right. It's difficult to pinpoint these days because of the significant improvements being made with Dan Stahl at the helm.

However it came to me last night that one of the things that makes the game look a bit cheap, is the Glossiness of the Federation Ships at least in certain light. As we've seen in the TV Series, the Movies and the previous games, none of the ships come across as glossy as they do in Star Trek: Online. Is this a design decision by Cryptic in wanting to go with this theme?

I'm not saying graphics in the game are bad, they're really quite good for the space panoramas such as the Asteroid Belts and Atmospheres, but I think if anything lets things down a little, it's the glossiness element. Maybe the texture quality also.

If Cryptic doesn't want to maybe look into this for whatever reason, that's there choice, I'd be interested to hear why they wouldn't want to go down the path of this specific improvement. Although I do think it might be detrimental in the long run if they didn't at least experiment to see how certain ships might look like.

What are your guys thoughts? Do you see what I mean when I say Hull Glossiness?
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# 2
04-28-2011, 11:50 PM
Turn down bloom in the graphics options (I think it defaults to 100% if your graphics card can handle that). See if that helps.
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# 3
04-28-2011, 11:57 PM
In the series no, the ships did indeed not have glossiness, but in the movies, the Enterprise had a big tendency to, not all but some times, have a glossiness effect applied to the hull.

In reality, a bump in quality of the textures would do wonders really, because i am fairly confident that it what really ruins it.
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# 4
05-02-2011, 03:17 PM
Yeah, I think even in the TV shows, when the budget and technology was available, the ships looked like they were made of metal. In many cases the ships were not glossy because they were made out of plastic and photographed under cheap lighting. When the effort was put into making a shot look good, it always seemed to improve the show.

Being as you can adjust things like Bloom, Lens Flare, and Panoramic Filtering, I see no reason to remove those options if you have a graphics card that produce them. If you don't like them, just turn them off.

Honestly, turn your graphics down low enough, and you will have such a blocky, drab, flat featureless image that it'll make the worst Star Trek episode's special effects look like the movies.

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