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I am Fleet Admiral Lexiss Anna McKnight, and I'd like to welcome you to Starfleet Command. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about our Fleet and our mission, and its goal.

Starfleet Commands Mission

Starfleets mission has always been one of exploration. To seek out new life and new civilizations. In Star Trek Online we are able to continue with this journey to explore the unknown. We offer many types of game play styles to suit just about every taste a Captain could want.

Player Versus Environment (PVE) - In this type of game play we offer a single Captain to go on a mission, or several Captains to go on a mission, or story based adventure either to Role Play (RP), or to make the next rank in the game.

Player Versus Player (PVP) - This is a fast paced game style that is not for the faint of heart. Here is where the cream of the crop, and the best of the best come to play. Starfleet Command calls it the Neutral Zone. This style of play is unforgiving if one is not ready, or up for the challenge. Everyone is encouraged to try a Neutral Zone Patrol (NZP) Who knows you may be the next best Captain since Captain Kirk, or any of the other great legends in Star Trek. Are you up for the challenge, Captain?

Role Playing (RP) - Have you ever wanted to write your own story and act it out? With this type of game playing you will be able to do just that. With the release of the Foundry tools anyone can make a mission to play or act out a story, or mission. It doesn't have to be a planned out story either, as in the Foundry missions. It could just be an improvisation on a mission made by Cryptic Studios.

Contests - There are many ways to play Star Trek Online, and here is another way to enjoy the game. None other than a friendly contest. The reward or prize could be anything. There are all types of contests that will be run from time to time to break up the same old thing, or to give you a little break from trying to make that next level.

Accolades - This is one part of the game that lets you know when you have personal goals completed in the game. If you are a Captain who likes to have all the medals then this would be the way to go. While doing the Accolades you can RP while you play, or not. That is up to each Captain.

Foundry - This part of Starfleet Commands mission is to make use of the in game mission making tools to make new content for everyone playing Star Trek Online, or for Fleet training. This could also be used for telling a short story for an RP event, or a long drawn out affair that could last for weeks or months. There is not limit to the use of these tools. You only need your imagination.

Events - Starfleet Command will host events from time to time. This could be a contest, or RP, or a time and place in game to talk and share stories with your friends. The events are also done outside of Star Trek Online. There will be video making opportunities on YouTube, voice acting, and a number of other things that will bring the Star Trek Online community as a whole closer together. Taking Star Trek To Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Starfleet Commands Goal

Every Fleet has a some type of goal, or achievement to reach, and Starfleet Command has a few of our own. Here is one of them. One goal is to unite each Fleet, that is a Federation Fleet, to work together while RP is taking place. The idea behind this is one day at any given hour 24/7 is to have live RP going on, on a single channel. If you like to RP, but are not in a Fleet, or in Starfleet Command you will still be able to have a good RP session at any time of the day. So if you are in a Fleet now, and would like to work with Starfleet Command on making this happen please leave me a PM here on the site, or in the Official forums.


Starfleet Command is not dedicated to any one type, or style of playing. This allows us to be more open and can do more for each Captain within the Fleet. We are an easy going type of Fleet and we will accept anyone from any country. Although, we may need to use a universal translator for anything other than English. Any age is welcome too. Please register once you join the Fleet. If you would like to know more don't hesitate to ask me or anyone in command.

On behalf of Starfleet Command I'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and our thread here on the Official Forums. I sincerely hope to see each and everyone of you in game.

Fleet Admiral
Lexiss Anna McKnight
U.S.S Orion VIII
NCC - 910111 H

Here is our video

Fleet Officer Contacts
Vice Admiral Sol'es
U.S.S. T'Plana-Hath

Vice Admiral Damian Nei
U.S.S. Marauder C
NCC - 93382 C

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