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# 1 The Omega Fallout
05-08-2011, 08:24 PM
YouTube Trailer:

Name: The Omega Fallout
Project ID: ST-HO39X8MNZ (Holodeck)
Author: BorrowedTune
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 31+
Starting Location: Sierra System (Starbase 39), located in the Alpha Centauri Sector Block

Treachery is afoot as Vice Admiral Althea of the U.S.S. Terrapin calls for your aid once again. This time the stakes are even higher as you investigate the mystery behind the Omega incident. Who can you trust, especially when there are Romulans involved?

Special Guest Star: Vice Admiral Althea (as herself)

Author’s notes:

This story driven adventure is the second and final part of BorrowedTune’s Omega series. While this is part 2 of 2, it is not necessary (though suggested) to complete the first mission, “The Omega Directive.” It will work fine as a “self contained” mission since the background story is explained during the mission through an investigation process. Contains both space and ground combat.

Player Reviews:
  • “Superb mission, great story, writing and design with some clever touches.” - Renko
  • “If Cryptic doesn’t hire you, I will. Your stories are not only well scripted, but they are fun. Feels like a genuine Star Trek episode.” - Rip-tide
  • “Absolutely top notch. Excellent story. Developers will be jealous.” - PatriotsHeart07
  • “Excellent work, great job with emotes and plot, and very good that there is an option to skip needless combat. Highly recommend this series.” - ShadowGirl
  • “Part 2 of this mission is even better than the first part. Very cool, immersive storyline with some nice twists and turns. Great environment and some tough ground battles. Highly recommended.” - cheer
  • “Nice mission, I enjoyed it very much. It has depth, action and suspense.” - carrollbennett
  • “The most amazing storyline ever. period. ever.” - malak7
  • “Nice one and very emotional.” - scout1701


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