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# 1 Player Ship Crafting
05-24-2011, 12:29 PM
This is my second post to this regard and I am DETERMINED to get heard and have my idea introduced into STO...

My suggestion surrounds and encompasses latinum and player ships. In the Star Trek Universe for all those that know anything about Star Trek, gold pressed latinum is the end all of currency. Quark is always salivating over it, and its used for everything under the sun.. However, in STO, latinum is mostly useless. What I suggest is adding the utopia planecia ship yards in memory alpha and using latinum and mission rewards/drops by tier and level to allow broader gameplay and experience to players by allowing them to build ships. perhaps even add in customization. What I envsions goes like thus (basicly) :

normal difficulty special quests would allow basic, or standard, materials to build shuttlecraft and tier 1 ships. sort of like an introduction to the system.
Advanced difficulty nets you the ability to build all tiers of ship with basic systems, and slight improvements such as a console thats universal and not just x engineering, science, tactical.
Elite quests, including borg would allow building ships with materials that add defense such as making the hull itself out of duranium or whatever. Elite drops would get you materials you could build your ship with and even craft consoles and such partially through aid of memory alpha itself. to get the quests you have to speak to, say quark, and pay 10000 latinum. some of the parts would have to be combined with others only the latinum loving quark could find and therefore through quark and his network of latinum salivating fiends you would pay handsomely in latinum to get the part needed for the building of your custom ship.

(I do not PVP therefore I do not know what to add to this for PVP players, however, should cryptic use this idea I am sure suggestions would be numerous and something could easily be figured out Perhaps a computer system can be "built" into the ship for 1% stackable damage/defense buffs? ~shrug~)

I believe this would add the next level of play to the STO universe and broaden the scope of peoples minds and add enjoyable gameplay beyond what is available now. instead of seeing that same old enterprise or defiant with the same old borg gear, you could customize your ship and its looks. Easy explanation is like character creation where you choose facial elements to get any combination of looks.


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05-24-2011, 01:48 PM
As fun as it would be to build my own starship from the ground up, as it were, I don't think ships from scratch is a good thing for STO. Too many people would abuse it in any way possible.

I DO want upgradeable ships. In some reasonable form or another. I think equipment sets is one way to go. The upcoming DO/DH/FO system will let you essentially customize your whole crew. Applying schematics and crafting to your ship to apply specific "recipies" is another way to go, possibly. It has been mentioned that fleet starbases are planned to be leveraged for the purpose of ship crafting.

We shall see what we get. But it won't be player kitbashes.

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