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hello when ever i play star trek online my player either moves super fast in place or moves to slow also when i jump she just stands there in mid air and never falls down my pc specks are radeon 5450 hd 1 gig ram quad core phenom 2 840 3.0 ghz and 6 gigs ddr3 memory my isp says my max download/upload speed is 1.4 mbps is that the preob i wanna play this game so bad but when ever i move my player an inch she moves super fast and it looks like no clipping is on but its not how do i fix this?
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05-13-2011, 08:45 PM
How to acquire, run and read the Nettest tool:

Go to
Download the application and run it (Windows 7 and Vista users make sure to right click the icon and run as admin if you are having issues with the tool running.)

The Nettest tool checks that the ports required for patching and playing Star Trek Online are not blocked or filtered. Good values returned from the Nettest tool look like:

Column 1 and 3 have values around 500 kb/sec (outgoing/incoming), column 2 has values around 20 kb/sec (transfer rate). If the values in these columns is less than what is expected you may have filtering or blocked ports either on your personal network or from your ISP.

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