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Since we have now a appropriate Forum i want to propose something that is very important to me.
Since i began playing STO on February 2010 i missed more customizing options for our ships.
I find it very frustrating to have an unbalanced looking (especially the assault cruisers have that problem IMO) and just ugly ship in front of my nose at about 50% of my game time, only because there are too few options available.

Since Starfleet has introduced a more modular ship building system, a ship designer has more freedom now when creating a ship.

I think it would help a lot i we could have something like the sliders at the character tailor, to adjust the size of SOME ship parts (depending on ship type and technical possibilities).
+-15% into every direction would be more than enough, especially Pylons and Necks if present.
Pylons could be streched in length about +-30%.
(that would be realy cool).
This one would help everyone not only FED players to make their ships look more individual.
(so a Win - Win for everyone.)

Another thing i missed since launch are more different looking ship parts and some more options when assembling a ship, like flipping the pylons from facing backward to forward, or upwards to downwards for example and some additional hardpoints where they are connected to the ships hull.

If the Devs could unlock Ship parts from lower tier ships (T2+T3), like some pylons, nacelles or some Saucers and make them accessable at T5 would be awesome. Some of the existing lower Tier ship parts (Pylons, Nacelles, maybe some Saucers) just need some slight tweaking to be used on Tier 5 ships.
(That would give us a lot of options with little efford.)
With all that alone we could build ship like the Typhoon Class for ourselves, if we wanted to.

One thing that bothers me very much are those silly looking holes and spikes on some ship parts, like most cryptic made pylons for example.
(No offense devs, but some ships like the majestic, Noble, Envoy, Celestial and the fleet escorts are not really masterpieces IMHO.)
I think it would be cool if the devs could give us different versions of already existing ship parts, like Pylons WITHOUT holes, more smooth versions of already existing parts (Monarch Galaxy Variant or Assault Cruisers for example).
We just need some good looking alternatives, NO holes, sharp edges, spikes, no mindless placed armor plates on hulls and saucers or saw teeth like shapes on pylons.

What really bothers me with most cryptic made ships is that their designs are much to overloaded with stuff like Armor plates, holes and spikes.
Some ships really have th epotential to look nice but they put too much stuff on them so they look more like a scrap heap than a starship.
Devs, it's ok to experiment with new shapes and stuff on some minor species ships, but not on Starfleet ships, please.

For example, these are designs i would like to see in STO:

I know i have brought up this topic more than once, but i promise that i will stop as soon as we get some of that stuff.

What do you guys think about it?
I think it would be great if we could collect some good ideas in this thread on how to improve already existing ships without too much efford for the devs.

Live long and prosper.

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