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05-17-2011, 10:24 PM
Originally Posted by CerealKillerSD
Then please explain to me how, in Voyager's Message in a Bottle; a Nebula-class starship was able to intercept and engage the Phoenix at warp, firing forward phasers. The Phoenix separates (MVAM) and through a brief exchange, destroys the Nebula in phaser fire. The Nebula, obviously, wasn't in the "same warp bubble" when it was moving to intercept.

According to the DS9 Technical Manual, in later Trek they circumvented the problems with beam weapons at warp by wrapping them in an ACB (annular confinement beam) jacket similar to what is used in the transporters. It keeps the phaser beam coherent.
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05-17-2011, 11:28 PM
like that episode where the doctor (Voyager) gets sent back to the alpha quadrant on a fed ship in romulan hands, and you have this one shot of a nebula firing upon it while in warp? *dreamy eyes* ... nebula
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Originally Posted by HyperLimited View Post
It could be...interesting. Torpedoes are warp capable, but I'm unsure of energy weapons since there's inconsistent information regarding it. But since quite a few episodes portray energy weapons being used at warp, I'm just going to assume it's possible.

You might have a pursuit mission and you must disable an enemy vessel travelling at warp. There would also have to be a good transition from the warp environment to regular space.
phasers and the like are all restricted to the light speed barrier, theres no offensive tachyon beams for damageing hull ect, and even if there were tachyons arent much faster then light anyway!

warp works on a bubble theory, you form a warp bubble around a vessel changing the laws of physics inside that bubble so that the vessel moves much faster then light, once the energy beam would leave this tiney bubble it would be under normal laws of physics again (yes warp bubbles are tiney, barely larger then the ship inside! original old series ones were basically skin tight to the hull itself!)

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