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05-19-2011, 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by Mirror-Master
Cryptic, I want to know that 100% of my Atari Token Purchases go TO YOU AT CRYPTIC and not to Atari! Until I get official word on this I won't be buying any more tokens.

Hurry and reply before the sale ends LOL!
I hope you realize that Atari is still running things - they're still paying to keep the lights on, their handling support, they're running the C-Store and sales of the game.

They aren't gonna come out and play this "kick Atari to the curb" game, you'll have to wait until an actual deal happens before anything will change with how the game is operated.

You're more than entitled to withhold further money until things do change ( I probably will) but don't attach unreasonable expectations to it.
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05-19-2011, 09:48 PM
a few things if you want the "thing", whatever it is you might as well buy it now, because:

1) a stronger revenue stream will increase the probability that the game will continue to run, or be picked up by another company etc...

2) you get to use it now and then it is in your characters inventory, oh wait thats just like your Atari Credits or your Cryptic Points before their Atari purchase... last time i checked all my stuff moved over and i would expect the same to happen in any future move

3) in previous sales, Cryptic has always kept back a few recent items from the sale, so why would you expect this to be any different, i wouldn't expect the fighters or section 31 or Oberth to be in the sale this time around

so yes I bought the Perigrine and it is very nice, and no I didnt buy a section 31 costume because it wasnt worth it to me and I already have the Oberth because I wanted the console

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