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The Klingons as well as their allies live for glory and honor with a belief that peace stifles their culture. Choosing the path of violence and hostility, they fight to survive and protect their way of life from the influence of outsiders. Join the Klingon Defense League (KDL) and you will see glorious battles, the likes of which our ancestors talked about from long, long ago... Qa'pla!

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03-25-2014, 03:41 PM

Might be interested to join!
My old KDF fleet (Orion Empire) has a lot of active members, but they rarely chat - and practically never do any STFs together (maybe because everything is completed).

My question is:
Do you actually do STFs together/chat etc?
This is my most important thing - since I want to have a reason to play KDF.

Already have my ship full with Fleet XII consoles, so will never need to buy anything
Everything I make will go into the Fleet. I'm one of the greatest donator in my Fed fleet.
TS must not be a requirement, but will happily join at times.

Here are additional details:
Age: 22
Job: (Former) Accountant
Nationality: Dutch (Often awake until 6 in morning, time is not an issue)
In-Game Name: Arcturus@dukhatt
Hours in STO: 410
Steam name: GanjaCommandoNL
My Bortasqu build:
(Also have the same weapons & consoles in "Plasma" variant)

If you would like me to serve in your fleet,
send me a PM - or post here

PS: I can be eccentric at times, like typing too much or answering questions in too much detail

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