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# 1 Looking for Writers!
05-23-2011, 06:28 AM
Hi folks,

My name is Kieran and Iím starting a small publishing company focusing on digital distribution, specifically on the Amazon Kindle store at the moment.
Iím a writer myself and know that the big achievement is getting your work into print and onto a shelf as a physical thing and Iím not trying to change that. What I am offering is a service to get your work out there, onto marketplace and into peopleís hands quickly and easily. This enables you to build up a fan base and some sales which you can use to back up your work when talking to print publishers or, if you like the digital realm we can continue on this route into the future.

The main advantages I can offer as a publisher are, firstly, that you would retain full rights to your work and secondly there are no up front costs for you. I would do all the formatting for Kindle, indexes, contents pages, pictures, covers and advertising. I would only be taking a small percentage of each sale, the author would always be left with the largest amount of the royalties.

I can give you more details on any part of the business in direct contact and Iíll put all my details at the end of this post.
In regards to what type of writing Iím interested in, it could be anything. Novels, short stories, non fiction, poetry or anything else would be great and any genre therein. I would do basic checks for quality but itís mostly up to you to in regards to how good the work is and how it reads. If you think your work is ready to be published, then please, get in touch.

Anyway, if your interested in my services, or just want some more information at this point please, donít hesitate to get in touch, I canít wait to get started myself.
Contact me by email at , twitter @electroclassico and Facebook and our little website which is a bit bare at the moment but hopefully with your help thatíll be changed.

Thanks very much,

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