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# 1 GUI Programmable Buttons
05-24-2011, 12:35 PM
Again, this is the second posting of this particular idea, and i am DETERMINED to see it get used. This idea has nothing to do with buying game controllers or hacks or tweaks or anything but in-game programmable buttons ONLY. With this idea implemented properly, there is no need for game controller macros because they are part of the game itself. That said...

First off, I would like to suggest player programmable buttons to ease gameplay. I can not count the number of times I have died or lost too much shields/hull strength or the equivalent on ground play because I had to search for a command. There is quite simply far too many game commands for ease of play in STO.
Back in 2001 Everquest had programmable buttons that eased gameplay by making the buttons so they were nameable and open text programmable.

The commands ended up being something like this : /feign death /backstab .

That is a simple example, however, what I suggest is programmable buttons where you can simply drag and drop different buttons into a blank button with the ability to name it.

for example :
Instead of clicking torpedo high yield and then pressing a torpedo attack you could press your button named assault and the button hits high yield then torpedo attack and if you have 2 torpedo launchers in front you can have them both programmed on the button rather than just use one launcher on high yield. (something I wish was easier in gameplay, the ability to do just that).

The buttons can be for any series of commands, and a small console with 8 buttons should be MORE than enough for tribble to test vs. gameplay. Lastly, the buttons should help improve PVP combat (something I myself do not like, but others do and I am fair in my suggestions)


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# 2
05-29-2011, 06:25 AM
If I understood you right, what you are looking for it's called keybinding. It is already implemented on the game, but for some reason, Cryptic doesn't say a word about this, neither on the side or in-game (and if any dev read this, it would be really nice to put a tutorial, or something like this on a visible place, so people would know this feature exists). I've discovered this via the forum, on this thread:

So, using this, you may assign a keyboard key, like T, to activate your high yeld torpedo, and then fire it.
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# 3
05-30-2011, 01:00 AM
i like the idea of the OP very much

if there is one thing that bugs me about this game then it is that i have 30 or what abilities and spend more time watching my cooldowns then my enemy.

Keybinds.... yeah i know they exist but honestly i am to lazy to spend hours setting them up on 7 chars... and then they would not work anymore as soon as i change one ability and switching stuff arround would be double the work it is already.... and my head would explode trying to remember what i did setup where, no thx.

There has to be a way that the last noob on earth can have fun with this type of game without scaling the difficulty down to Screensaver.
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# 4
05-30-2011, 06:50 AM
Can't argue with you on that. The way keybinds are implemented on the game make them too hard to use, and if you change your ship, hours of work are wasted. But it's better then nothing. It would be really nice if Cryptic make this simpler.

An idea that crossed my mind just know would be a fan made app to auto generate keybinds file, with a user friendly interface. I've never heard of someone doing this although. I would do it myself, but I don't have the technical knowledge to do it. Maybe now on July I may find time to try to learn a thing or other on how to do this...
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# 5
05-30-2011, 08:45 AM
Any macroing app could do that and more. There are quite a few out there, I even made one myself. It can put up buttons and other stuff onto the screen which can simulate keyboard/mouse inputs.
If you check my videos on youtube to see what I mean.

Now the problem is that the powers can't be called by name. At least I was unable to make Power_Exec to initiate a FAW2. The Power_Slot command didn't do anything either. Without that, you need to relay on stone age stuff like screenshots.
Hm it just occured to me that it would be quite easy to write a helper app. It would map out your entire tray setup from 0-9. Then command STO to move the powers about (because that command works) to match the setup you specified earlier in a file or something. That sorting would not take more than 30 secs or so.
With this, you would not need to rely on the hit and miss ship tray auto save feature.
Making the app would take just a weekend, but to what end? This feature is not in STO because Cryptic doesn't want it to be there.

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