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# 1 Fleet 01 is recruiting
05-25-2011, 12:16 PM
Are you looking for an Active Fleet? Fleet 01 may be the place for you. We are a small fleet, with large goals. We have Ventrillo, A website and a Facebook. Please feel free to explore the different avenues to join and contact someone in the fleet if you are interested. We are currently enrolling all members regardless of skill or rank. Leadership roles are available for those who want them and have the drive to earn them.

Members will be responsible for checking up on the website, and a weekly/monthly bank deposit is required. There is also a 2 week probation period. This allows us to evaluate you, while providing you an opportunity to feel us out and make sure you are a good fit. Your probation will end when you interview with the Fleet Admiralty and are approved for promotion.

We take pride in Fleet 01 and we would like you to as well. Please contact me @Admiral_John if you are interested in the vast opportunities that are available at Fleet 01.

Contact info is as follows: - Fleet website
FLEET 01 - Facebook

Personal contacts:
@Admiral_John - Fleet Founder
@Jtrombonestar - Fleet Admiral

PM one of us if you are interested. And good Luck out there.

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