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I dont know about you but I tried playing the DoomsDays remastered mission and I found it questionable I was having fun up until I tried to take the bridge.

1. who beams over to an enemy ship and not have an away team for back up?

2. And even though the security is your back up they are nothing.

3. How are you suppose to kill the Captain when with one blow with the Bat'leth you drop?

The Remastered Pe'jem mission is fun and I recommend it but as for the DoomsDay mission I think it needs more Remastering to be better than it is.

I dont know if they uped the klingons to be more powerful or what because I know for a fact I can do the last Reman Feature Episode Cutting the Cord by myself with no problem so I dont know.

Help would be appreciated in solving this dilemma Thank You in advance.
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05-25-2011, 02:31 PM
This should go in the thread on tribble. There it was stated that many people have the same complaints, and the devs took notice and made changes for the release tomorrow.
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05-25-2011, 02:33 PM
Wrong section. For proper consideration you may consider the tribble test server feedback section. There is even a thread already there for this very mission.

Oh and the Episode Cutting the Cord, the ground is so easy you can practically sleep through it. Klingons with a Bat'leth handy have always been a royal pain. The one hit kill is a bit off, i believe it is being fixed and will be done in time for release.

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